Göran Ekström
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Göran Ekström's main research interest is global earthquake seismology. This includes the detailed study of individual earthquake ruptures, and the relationship between seismicity and the large scale tectonic deformation of the crust and mantle over geologic time. Prof. Ekström's teaching interests include Environmental Geology, in particular the science and policy aspects of the assessment and mitigation of Geologic Hazards.

Research Projects

Unusual Earthquakes Centroid Moment
Tensor Project
Surface Waves Global Dispersion
Model GDM52
Event Location 3-D Earth
USArray Phase Velocity
Maps, USANT15

Other Projects and Activities

USArray Data Quality

Courses Offered

EESC UN1201: Environmental Risks and Disasters
EESC W3201: Solid Earth Dynamics
EESC GU4300: The Earth's Deep Interior
EESC GU4949: Introduction to Seismology
EESC GR6949: Advanced Seismology

Personal Information

Curriculum Vitae with Publications

Göran Ekström, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University