USArray Phase-Velocity Maps USANT15

The phase-velocity model USANT15 describes fundamental-mode Love and Rayleigh wave propagation across the conterminous USA in the period range 5 to 40 seconds. The phase-velocity maps were derived from a large number of observed inter-station noise-correlation functions collected from pairs of USArray seismographic stations during the years 2006-2015 using the method of Aki (1957) and Ekstrom et al. (2009). The model USANT15 is an update of model USANT12 which covered the western and central parts of USA, and was described in Ekstrom (2013).

The model USANT15 is published in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors:
Ekstrom, G., Short-period surface-wave phase velocities across the conterminous United States, Phys. Earth Planet Int. (2017),

Some of the methods were described in the 2013 study:
Ekstrom, G., Love and Rayleigh phase-velocity maps, 5-40 s, of the western and central USA from USArray data, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. (2013),

This research was made possible by support from the EarthScope Program of the National Science Foundation, grant EAR-1460081.

Links to USANT15 data sets and phase-velocity maps