Older versions of the hypoDD software:

Download hypoDD version 1.2 here:

  • HYPODD_1.2.tar.gz   (source codes and user guide; 1.4MB)
  • README_1.2  (how to get started...)
  • BugList_1.2  (Bug list for HYPODD version 1.2)
  • Download hypoDD version 1.1 here:

  • HYPODD_1.1.tar.gz   (source codes and user guide; 1.4MB)
  • README_1.1  (how to get started...)
  • BugList_1.1  (Bug list for HYPODD version 1.1)
  • Download hypoDD version 1.0 here:

  • HYPODD_1.0.tar.gz   (source codes and user guide; 1.4MB)
  • README_1.0  (how to get started...)
  • BugList_1.0  (Bug list for HYPODD version 1.0)
  • or get the files via anonymous ftp from the Lamont server
        ftp ftp.ldeo.columbia.edu
        cd archive/felix/HYPODD