Current group

Former group members

Previous lab visitors

Zhifang Xiong

Mohamed Ezat

Li Lo

Verena Schoepf

Laura Robinson

Martin Ziegler

Ryan Moyer

Gianluca Marino

Gretta Bartoli

Lloyd Anderson, PhD student,

Cenozoic calibrations and CO2

Ingrid Izaguirre, PhD student,

Thesis topic TBD

Ross Whiteford, postdoc

Julia Gottschalk, postdoc

Southern Ocean carbon


Sabrina Lautin, senior thesis

Ba/Ca in planktic foraminifera

Laura Haynes, PhD 2019

now postdoc at Rutgers

Katherine Allen, PhD 2012

now Assistant Prof. at U Maine

Jesse Farmer, PhD 2016

now postdoc at Princeton

Kelsey Dyez, postdoc

now Research Lab Specialist

at U Michigan

Markus Raitzsch, postdoc

now postdoc at MARUM

Carina Fish, Bridge-to-the-PhD

now PhD student at UC Davis

Caroline Baptist,


      Janina Ruprecht, lab manager

now Research Associate at UN Reno

Orit Hyams, lab manager

now at Geological Survey of Israel

Sarah Hale, Master’s student

Don Penman, lab staff support

now postdoc at Yale

Hailey Riechelson, senior thesis

now PhD student at Rutgers

Diya Chacko, Master’s student

Metro audience editor at LA Times

Dan Marone, lab staff support

now at IODP

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