Tsunami Affected Area Weather and Climate

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Sri Lanka

After enduring an extended drought, the Maha season rainfall from October to December has been high than normal. This is typical during a year with warm equatorial Eastern Pacific Ocean conditions known as El Nino. Heavy rainfall in the Northern and Eastern coastal districts in the early weeks of this December led to flooding along the North-Eastern coast. (UNDP Situation Report.) The Ampara, Batticaloa and Mullaitivu districts were the worst affected with 73000, 61000 and 13000 persons displaced by floods on the 15th of December. The heavy rainfall has persisted intermittently right up to the new year. As is typical during this period, the Eastern coastal and Eastern hillslopes region and the North-Eastern coast receive relatively more rainfall than the West. Unfortunately, this is also the region worst affected by the Tsunami and the continued heavy rainfall is hindering emergency relief and recovery.

The consensus of forecasts from various organizations suggests that there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the eastern coastal region, the southern region and the South-Western region in the next days. However, the chances of rainfall are reduced for Wednesday January 5 and Thursday January 6.

Sri Lanka rainfall climatology

Tsunami Disaster Area Weather

Contributor: Brad Lyon

Tsunami Disaster Area Climatology, Monitored Conditions and Seasonal Predictions

(Contributions from Brad Lyon and Ale Gianninni)


Local monthly means of temperature and precipitation for the Indian Ocean Region from the IRI (click on a point of interest)

January Climatology

Monitored Conditions

Regional monitoring of weekly and monthly precipitation and temperature from the Climate Prediction Center (click on a region)

Seasonal Predictions for January through March

The seasonal predictions show a tendency for anomalously warmer temperature in Aceh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives (except for Gan), Thailand and Southern India. A tendency towards drier than normal conditions is predicted for Thailand, Sri Lanka and Eastern Indonesia.

January to March Rainfall from the IRI
January to March Temperature from the IRI

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