Feedback from Disaster Responders


12/27/2004 9:16 AM
Eng. H.M. Jayatillake,
Deputy Director,
Sri Lanka Department of Irrigation

Dear Lareef

Thanks for the v. valuable info.

We are right now busy with disaster relief and 24 hr Operation Room of the
Department is in my Room.



12/27/2004 10:31 PM
Ms. Mizna Mohamed
Ministry of Environment,
Maldive Islands

thanks a million..

this is the info i've been looking for... and calling up various organizations on it. thanks again

i thought i'll ask if u can give me some pointers, websites or ppl to contact on someting else.

we're at the moment trying to apply a severity index to the impact of the tsunami. As this is something we've never worked on before.. it is all new and we have no experts to help us on site. COuld u pls give some locations of an index we can adapt or apply.

the main indicators are area flooded on islands and the depth of the flooding on islands.

hope to hear from u soon


12/28/2004 4:21 AM
Dr. Amara Satharasinghe,
Director, Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka

Thanks lareef. This is very useful.

B' regards,


12/29/2004 5:45 AM
C. Kodituwakku
Programme Officer
South Asian Cooperative Environment Programme
No 10 Anderson road
Colombo 5
Sri Lanka
Tele +94-(0)11-2552761

Hi Lareef,

Yesterday  for the TV news, Commander Jayaratne (of the Navy) explained to the media what a tsunami is. He correctly outlines the information in Sinhala.  In fact I posted your information to Commander jayaratne.  It was a good  briefing.

National Science Foundation
Sri Lanka

Thank you very much for your information in the website.

Janaka Karunasena
Scientific Officer,

H.A.Hemachandra Jayasena,

Senior Lecturer
Department of Geology,
University of Peradeniya,

Dear Lareef,

Thank you for sending me the compilation of yours and I send it to
friends in Oregon and other global centers. It was really a big
incident and as you found in your compilation, we could have avoided
such a big death toll just by educating our communities. We have had
some incidents even in the history but only few in sri Lanka was
physicaly experieneced such an effect, I believe. Yesterday I was
present to give some explanation to the Rupawahini TV Nuga Sevana
program and had a chance to express what you have mentied in your
compilation as well.

I'll talk to you in due course and thank you for the upgrading of the
web site. Just put the CNN weather Satellite images by DigiGlobe
which clearly expose the retreating of sea water after the initial
impact. I have already send these to John Selker who is the current
chairman of the USGS equipment pool located in Bioengineering at ORST.

I am remainning now wishing you a happy new year.


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