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This website was developed to assist with relief and reconstruction operations with a focus on Sri Lanka. It provides an introduction to the Tsunami disaster, Sri Lanka, disaster management and health care, provides important maps, information on regional weather and climate and contains links to related websites and efforts.

Revival - Resources and news for revival and reconstruction and its various aspects covering people, environment, infrastructure, economy, governance and civil society.

Background - Scientific background of tsunami, country profile of Sri Lanka, introduction to disaster risk management and climate of Sri Lanka.

Maps & Data - Introductory maps of Sri Lanka, damage maps, satellite maps, seasonal maps and social indicators.
Data related to tsunami damage, impact on people and infrastructure. Needs assessments and situation reports.
Maps relevant to the reconstruction phase.

News & Fora - A public web-forum on reconstruction. Profiles of grassroots organizations and resources exchange. Seminars, first hand accounts and blogs.

Document Portal - Short print-friendly documents on vital topics to assist information needs of those involved in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Blogs - Blog of Lareef Zubair, on his visit to Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the tsunami and his work with relief organisations.
Serving Sri Lanka Blog, focusing on fostering sustainable, fair, and just grassroot level development. 


A discussion paper "Post Tsunami Reconstruction Priorities and Strategy" prepared by a group of Professionals, Technologists and Social Scientists in the Summary Documents section.

New section Reconstruction Maps, with detailed maps by UDA, depicting land identified for resettlement of people who lived in the 100m exclusion zone for five Districts.

New in the Data Portal-

> Policies for rehabilitation and reconstruction of Tsunami affected areas - powerpoint presentation by UDA

> Damage & Reconstruction Analysis documents by Tafren and by the the WB, ADB and JBIC.

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