Hydrology Slides

  1. Global use of water
  2. Dependence on Imported Surface water, selected countries

  1. USGS hydrology primer
  2. Boiling points of liquids
  3. Density of water as a function of temperature
  4. The water molecule
  5. Hydrogen bonds in ice
  6. 2-D model of the water molecule
  7. 2-D model of ice
  8. 2D model of water at 4C
  9. 2D model of water at high temperature
  10. Temperature of water as a function of added heat
  11. Surface tension, needle suspension
  12. Cohesion, Adhesion, and capillarity
  13. Table of properties of water 
  14. The blue planet
  15. Freshwater/salt water
  16. Hydrologic cycle
  17. Reservoirs and fluxes in the hydrologic cycle
  18. Hydrologic cycle schematic
  19. Inventories of the hydrologic cycle - table
  20. Bar diagram of reservoirs and fluxes in the hydrologic cycle
  21. Flow of a glacier
  22. Vapor pressure of water 
  23. Atmospheric lapse rate
  24. Cloud forming in a beer bottle
  25. Salt as condensation nucleus
  26. Condensation on a mirror
  27. Mean global precipitation, GCPC
  28. Mean global precipitation
  29. GISS AMIP precipitation and evaporation
  30. Mean global precipitation, Oberhuber
  31. General atmsopheric circulation
  32. Atmospheric circulation
  33. Ocean surface currents
  34. Interbasin water vapor transport and global drainage
  35. Evaporation vs latitude
  36. P-E versus latitude
  37. Precipitation Mount Waialeale
  38. Mean annual precipitation, US 
  39. V-notch weir experiment
  40. Drainage basins in NYS
  41. Fluxes in a drainage basin
  42. Water balance in soils
  43. Zones of subsurface water
  44. Wetting soils
  45. Grain size distribution in a glacial till
  46. Properties of porous media: porosity, specific yield etc.
  47. Porosity, specific yield, and wilting point for different soils
  48. Influence of vegetation on infiltration capacity
  49. Soil water status as a function of pressure (tension)
  50. Principle of a tensiometer
  51. pF as a function of soil moisture content
  52. Peconic river hydrograph
  53. Ground water pollution sources cartoon

  54. weir equations
  55. V-notch weir experiment
  56. laminar flow table 1
  57. laminar flow table 2
  58. data anlaysis
  59. 1993 flood of the Mississippi
  60. St_Louis_annual_peak discharge data
  61. St_Louis daily_70s discharge data
  62. Mississippi River Basin
  63. St_Louis daily discharge rates >1934
  64. St_Louis daily discharge rates, 1993
  65. St_Louis daily discharge rates, 1970s
  66. Financial damages by the 1993 flood
  67. Dams worldwide & sedimentation in Puerto Rico reservoirs
  68. Large river sediment discharge by region (map)
  69. Export of TSS per unit area from continents: world average
  70. Reservoir siltation time-scales: Nile, Indus, Yangtze.

  71. Tritium (H-3) in precipitation, Ottawa
  72. Tritium depth profile in an unsaturated zone
  73. Furrow irrigation
  74. Central pivot irrigation
  75. Drip irrigation
  76. Stomata
  77. Darcy's experiment
  78. Advective and actual transport of a solute
  79. Influence of diffusion, adsorption, decay on concentration
  80. Different velocities in microskopic space
  81. Transport of a DNAPL plume
  82. Physical groundwater model
  83. Macrodispersion
  84. 100y flood prediction, Esopus Creek
  85. Discharge, Colorado River
  86. Grundfos pump
  87. Multi level well
  88. Manual water level
  89. Levelogger
  90. groundwater flow influenced by topography
  91. groundwater flow influenced by geology
  92. losing and gaining streams, amn example from western Hungary

  93. Map of water use per area for the US
  94. Water use in the US, 1985
  95. The United States at night
  96. Martin Stute
  97. Class logo