How to make a poster:

1. General

2. Text


2. Images, graphs and tables




3. Printing

Printing on regular letter paper

HP DesignJet 500ps Poster Printing Instructions (from Mac,401 Altschul Hall)

Put your file into the desktop folder "20xx Senior Posters"

If you saved your file as PDF:

  1. Open the folder with your file in it and put the mouse over it
  2. Place two fingers on the track pad and click
  3. Open file in Preview
  4. Choose Select from the options at the top of the window
  5. Outline the poster so the margins are tight, put leave a little bit of white space all around
  6. Choose Tools from the toolbar
  7. Choose Crop
  8. Choose File from the toolbar, and Print
  9. Under Paper Size, select SR Posters
  10. Page size should be 42 in by 42 in
  11. Printer Margins should be HP DesignJet 500PS
  12. At the bottom, choose Scale each page to fit paper
  13. Click Print

If you saved your file as Powerpoint/Keynote presentation

  1. Open the document
  2. Choose File from the toolbar
  3. Choose Save As
  4. Under Format, select PDF
  5. Click Save
  6. Check the pdf file by opening it in Adobe Acrobat
  7. Continue with the instructions above