Environmental Science/Biology/Policy Senior Seminar II

Barnard and Columbia Seniors will present research projects in Environmental Science, Policy, Biology, and Engineering.

The poster session takes place in the James Room the 4th floor of  Barnard Hall (See #7 on the Barnard Campus map). Enter the Barnard Campus from Broadway & 117th St and Barnard Hall is in front of you.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine at   ccook@barnard.edu (212 854 5618).

Presenters & Poster titles:

  1. Boretsky, Kyle:  Artificial Reef Community Composition
  2. Carr, Vanessa: Health Assessment of Black-crowned Night Herons  in the New York Harbor Estuary
  3. Consuegra, Jamie: What is behind the enigmatic declines of amphibians in the Americas?
  4. DiLorenzo, Michael: Effect of increased Nitrogen and Phosphorous concentrations on algae growth on coral reefs in Glover’s Reef, Belize
  5. Freedman, Michael: North Anatolian Fault Holocene Slip Rate: Ganos Region in the Marmara Sea
  6. Hannon, Peggy: Aerosol Concentrations in New York Metropolitan Area and Dimming of Sunlight
  7. Henning, Dawn: Designing a Sustainable Water System for Manhattanville
  8. Kamrath, Jackie: Systemic Exposure of Environmental Toxins Implies a Pathogenic Model for Parkinson’s Disease and an Environmental Correlate
  9. Knappmiller, Dan:  The role of the Grand Banks in the Younger Dryas: Neodymium as a tracer for Sediment-Laden Sea-ice along the Arctic Front
  10. Konecky, Bronwen: Distribution of High-Altitude Amphibian Populations in the Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru
  11. Lee, Jean: Water flow in Glover’s Reef
  12. Lewis, Kwana: Respiratory Activity, Carbon Fluxes, and Sequestration of Quercus Rubra, L. in Black Forest, NY
  13. Moffitt, Lena: Fish Communities on Artificial Reefs in the Dominican Republic
  14. Montacute, Tamara. K.:  The Effect of Manganese Exposure on Children’s Intellectual Function in Araihazar, Bangladesh
  15. O’Keeffe, Greg: Building Renovations for Improved Energy Conservation
  16. Sarna, Daniel: Lenape Horticulture
  17. Schieferstein, Erica: Peregrine Falcons and their Status along the Hudson River and in New York State
  18. Simpson, Scott: Kinship Bias in the Social Behavior of Adult Female Blue Monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni) in the Kakamega Forest, Kenya
  19. Sorice, Briane: The Effect of Chesapeake Bay Regulations on the Horseshoe Crab Population of Peconic Bay, New York
  20. Staver, Carla: Fruit fly (Drosophila, Drosophilidae, Diptera) and tropical rainforest associations, SE Peru
  21. Weiss, Brian: Novel Integrated Process for Beneficial Use of Waste Tires
  22. Zimmern-Kahan, Tiferet: The Meaning of Organic Certification in Direct Marketing