poster session invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the
2011 Senior Thesis Poster Session
Thursday, April 21, 4:30 – 6:30 pm
in the lower level Event Oval (LL100), Diana Center, Barnard College
  Walk through the gate at  Broadway & 117th St and walk toward the new orange building on your right. After entering the building, take the stairs one flight down
(see Barnard Campus map).

One minute presentations from 4:30-5:00 pm will be followed by poster presentations and a reception until 6:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine at (212 854 5618).

Presenters & Poster titles

  1. Barten, Stephen: A Comparison of Phosphate Extractable Arsenic and Total Mobilizable Arsenic in the Sediments of Bangladesh
  2. Perls, Hannah: The Controls on As, Fe, and Al Retention in Contaminated Soils Treated with Oxalic Acid
  3. Batta, Janelle: Controls on Bacterial Concentrations in Sediment Grab Samples from the Hudson River Estuary
  4. Nguyen, Khoi: Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotopes in the Hudson River Marshes, NY: Implications for Human Activity and Ecosystem Change
  5. Sundaresan, Sriya: Wetland Macrofossil and Geochemical Evidence for Environmental Change During the Late Holocene from Constitution Marsh, Cold Spring, NY
  6. Sears, Kathrin: Plant Macrofossil Evidence of the Climate History of No Bottom Pond, Nantucket
  7. Weber, Lisa: A Novel Technique: Using Scolecodont Compositions as a Tracer for Paleosalinity in the Hudson River
  8. Cohen, Daniel: Black Sea Low Stands During the Holocene and Pleistocene and Reconnection with the Global Ocean
  9. Myers, Daniel: Improved Separation of Fish Teeth and Debris for Neodymium Isotope Measurements in Marine Sedimentary Cores
  10. Kalaidjian, Edward: Salinity and Temperature Anomalies in the Subtropical North Atlantic
  11. Goldstein, Emily Hernandez: Depositional Setting and Detrital Zircon Analysis of the Jardine Metasedimentary Sequence from the South Snowy Block in Yellowstone National Park
  12. Sasnett, Peri: Surface Exposure Dating of Phreatic Eruptions at Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley, California
  13. Spokowski, Emily: Characterizing Sediments that Record the Mono Lake Excursion in the Mono Basin, California
  14. Greene, Timothy G. : The Goropu Volcanic Center in eastern Papua New Guinea: New Evidence for Active Subduction at the Trobriand Trough?
  15. Hannon, Brendan: Timing of the End of Appalachian Mountain Building in New York City: Ar-Ar Dating of Biotite and Hornblende from an Undeformed Dike in the Queens Water Tunnel
  16. Gombiner, Joel: Evidence for the Missoula Floods in Deep-sea Sediments off Vancouver Island Using K/Ar Dates and Geochemistry
  17. Bitterman, Danielle: Early Season Respiration in Betula Nana Nana and Eriophorium Vaginatum, two Important Tundra Plant Species
  18. Diaz-Bonilla, Victoria: Seasonal Change in Arctic Vegetation Types and Associated Effects on Insect and Bird Communities
  19. Vogel,Laura: The Effects of Global Warming on Seasonal-to-Interannual Precipitation Anomalies in Southwestern North America
  20. Stampfer, Orly: Effect of Climate Change on Natural Organic Matter Level in the Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs, NY
  21. Wong, Angela: Cereal Production in the World’s Top Producing Countries: Effects of Extreme Precipitation Conditions and Buffering Through Irrigation
  22. Lustig, Allyza: Perceiving Climate Change & Variability: Water Resource Management and Community Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector of the Elqui River Valley, Chile
  23. Pi, Danni: The Remittance Phenomenon: Studying the Effects of Remittances on Economic Development after Natural Disasters
  24. Fram, Claire: Education for Sustainable Development: How Flexible Goals Prevent Measurable Outcomes
  25. Shao, Ai-Lin: Chemistry of Newark Basin Sediments in Context of Vulnerability to a CO2 Leak
  26. Karl-Cannon, Gelseigh: The Effects of Hardwood Biochar on Growing Medium Quality, Lettuce Productivity and Carbon Sequestration
  27. García, Carla F.: Influence of Nesting Density on Hatching and Emerging Success of Green Sea Turtles at Tortuguero, Costa Rica
  28. Gaughran, Stephen: A Long Way from Home: Identifying the Origins of Loggerhead Turtles By-caught by the Spanish Fishing Fleet
  29. Law, Jeremy: Mechanisms for Recognition of two Socially Dissimilar Species of Synalpheus Snapping Shrimps
  30. Matesanz, Cristina: Influence of Cestode Parasites on the Spatial Distribution of A. parthenogenetica Brine Shrimp in Wetlands
  31. Wilhelm, Astrika: Site Suitability Analysis of Brook Trout in Black Rock Forest
  32. McGovern, Eliza: Changes in Social Behavior in Female Blue Monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni) Following Major Life Events
  33. Rojas, Patricia: Monitoring the Effects of a Traffic Related Air Pollutants on Semi-Volatile & Non-Volatile PAH levels in NYC
  34. Stuchin, Margot: Using Molecular Techniques to Identify Bushmeat for Pathogen Surveillance
  35. Villegas-Ramirez, Berenice: The Wild Meat Crisis: Identifying Mislabeled Species in New York City Markets with DNA Barcodes

The poster session is being hosted by:
Environmental Science, Barnard College,
Earth and Environmental Science (DEES), Columbia University,
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University,
The Earth Institute at Columbia University,
and the Office of the Provost, Barnard College.

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