You are cordially invited to attend the
2012 Senior Thesis Poster Session
Thursday, April 19, 4:30 – 6:30 pm
in the lower level Event Oval (LL100), Diana Center, Barnard College
  Walk through the gate at  Broadway & 117th St and walk toward the new orange building on your right. After entering the building, take the stairs one flight down
(see Barnard Campus map).

One minute presentations from 4:30-5:00 pm will be followed by poster presentations and a reception until 6:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine at (212 854 5618).

Presenters & Poster titles1  

  1. Vandersall, Abbey: The Effect of Weight Loss and Gain on the Mode of Delivery of Labeled Xenobiotics to Tissues
  2. Wilson, Britney: Exploring the Causes of Asthma: The Effects of Obesity on Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Mice Models
  3. Ndikumana, Eric: Correlation Between Urinary Arsenic Reduction and Socioeconomics in Bangladesh Communities
  4. Stanimirova, Radost: Organic Carbon Transport through Holocene and Pleistocene  Sediment in Southeast Asia: Implications for Arsenic Mobilization
  5. Lyon, Sarah: Natural Organic Carbon Drives Microbial Reduction and Subsequent  Arsenic Release into Groundwater in Shahrasti, Bangladesh
  6. Eddy, Celia: Surface Wave Amplitude Anomalies in the Western United States
  7. Wessbecher, Andrew C.: Faulting of the Downgoing Oceanic Plate in the Alaska Subduction Zone
  8. Tremblay, Marissa: Late Miocene Tilting of the Resting Spring Range, California, with Implications for Models of Crustal Extension
  9. Garvin, Samantha: An Examination of Habitat Quality in Urban Parks: Cavity Nester Abundance and Relationship to Tree Regeneration Rates in the Bronx Zoo
  10. Pilowsky, Julia: Comparing Male and Female Song in a Cooperatively Breeding Starling
  11. Villalba, Martha: Assessing Populations of Painted Turtles (Chrysemyspicta) in Ponds at Black Rock Forest
  12. Bailey, Nathan: Intratree Vertical Variation in Fruit Density and Intragroup Contest Competition in Blue Monkeys
  13. Pollack, Lea: Kin Biased Dispersal and the Formation of Kin Substructure in the Cooperatively Breeding Bird, Lamprotornissuperbus
  14. Dean, Caitlin: Relationship Between Acacia Ant Aggressiveness and Superb Starling (Lamprotornissuperbus) Nest Site Choice
  15. Schwartz, Allie: Carbon Accumulation Rates in Alaskan Arctic and Sub-Arctic Peatlands
  16. Pendergast, Greg: Temperature Response of Leaf Respiration Influenced by Emerging Canopy Dynamics in Arctic Shrub Species
  17. D’Angelo, Heather: What Impact Does Oil Palm Agriculture Have on Soil Microbial Communities?
  18. Yang, Nina: Analysis of Microbial Function in Soils from Rainforests and Oil Palm Plantations in Pasoh, Malaysia
  19. Hyson, Sophie: Effects of Green Roof Age and Design on Plant and Invertebrate Communities
  20. Rohrer, Rebecca: Plant Colonization Ecology on New York City Green Roofs
  21. Anderman, Tal Lee: Assessing Tradeoffs for Human Wellbeing and Agro-Diversity of Smallholder Cash Crop Production
  22. Sorensen, Emily: From the Field to the Community: Estimating Nitrogen Gas Emission from Fertilizer Use on a Village Scale
  23. Hollarsmith, Jordan: Recruitment Success of Staghorn Coral (Acroporacervicornis) in Reef Restoration
  24. Resetarits, Emlyn: Toxic Pseudo-Nitzschia species on Georges Bank
  25. Henry, Candise: An Assessment of the Transuranic Releases from Fukushima Dai-ichi into the Marine Environment
  26. Phan, Susan: Impact of Natural Oil Seeps on Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico
  27. Nelson, Todd: Establishing a Platinum Group Element (PGE) Method of Sediment Chronology to Trace New York Harbor’s Industrial Past: 1910-1982
  28. Jurburg, Stephanie: Decomposition of a Bioplastic by Common Fungal Enzymes
  29. Timberlake, Thomas: Water and War: A Geospatial Exploration of Point Source Water Access in Conflict and Post-conflict Liberia
  30. Hristidis, Vasilis: Analyzing the Stock Price Impact of Corporate Sustainability
  31. Simone, Emily: The Impact of Ecosystem Service Dependence on Equity Market Valuations
  32. Stahmer, Erin: The Impact of Hurricane Irene: Analyzing the Social and Capital Asset Vulnerability of the Northeast United States Through the Creation and Testing of Flood Vulnerability Indices
  33. Solomon, David: Refinement of a Support Vector Machine Regression Model for Forecasting Commercial Building Energy Loads: A Use-Phase Approach to Building Energy Efficiency
  34. Stimola, Maureen: A Comparison of Heat and Cold Tolerance Among Closely Related Anolis lizards From Different Thermal Environments
  35. Griswold, Bailey: Development of Gas Chromatograph Analysis of  SF5CF3 and SF6 and Carbon Sequestration in Iceland
  36. Salcedo-Watson,Camille: Effects of the Invasive Fungus Amanita muscaria on the Native Ectomycorrhizal Diversity of Mountain Beech Roots
  37. Macias, Miguel: Thermal Sensitivity of the Photosynthetic Apparatus of QuercusRuba Along a Rural to Urban Transect
The poster session is being hosted by:
Environmental Science, Barnard College,
Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES), Columbia University,
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University,
The Earth Institute at Columbia University

Senior Research Seminar - Spring