You are cordially invited to attend the
2014 Senior Thesis Poster Session
Thursday, April 24, 4:30 6:30 pm
in the lower level Event Oval (LL100), Diana Center, Barnard College
  Enter Barnard through the gate at  Broadway & 117th St and walk toward the new orange building on your right. After entering the building, take the stairs one flight down
(see Barnard Campus map).

One minute presentations from 4:30-5:00 pm will be followed by poster presentations and a reception until 6:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine at (212 854 5618).

Presenters & Poster titles1:

  1. Ajayi, Moyo:    CO2 Exchange in Alaskan Arctic Shrubs 
  2. Arkebauer, Rachel:    Respiratory Response to Temperature of Broadleaf Trees in a Northeastern Forest
  3. Quallo, Crystal Elaine:    Is Tree Migration Influenced by the Respiratory Quotient: A Study in Black Rock Forest, NY
  4. Yu, Jamie:     Respiratory Response to Changing Temperature Across Trees From Three Latitudinal Ranges in Black Rock Forest
  5. Wayne, Jesse:     Effects of Deer Exclosure Establishment and Subsequent Removal on Vegetation Diversity, Tree Regeneration, and Vegetation Biomass at Black Rock Forest
  6. Gersony, Jessica:    Increasing Shrub Dominance Results in Increasing Canopy Nitrogen Content in the Arctic Tundra
  7. Gibson, Rebecca:    Analyzing Vegetation Indices as Rapid Indicators of Leaf Pigment Content in the Arctic Tundra
  8. Adkins, Elizabeth:    Quantifying Methanogens and Denitrifiers in Malaysian Soils Subject to Land Use Changes
  9. Lavenhar, Sara:    The Effect of Varied Fertilizer Treatments on the Abundance of Total and Nitrogen-cycling Bacteria in Urban Rooftop Farming Systems
  10. Kahle, Emma:    Reconstructing Plio-Pleistocene Paleovegetation in the Turkana Basin From Stable Isotopes in Biomarkers
  11. Pavia, Frank:    The Utility of Leaf Wax n-Alkanes for Reconstructing Past Changes in Dustiness
  12. Seltzer, Alan:    Mean Surface Temperature of New Zealand During the Last Glacial Period: a Groundwater Noble Gas Paleotemperature Study
  13. Baek, Seung Hun:    Megadroughts as Past Analogues for the Current Drought in the Western US
  14. Sienko, Jacob:    Influence of the Biological Pump on the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration during the Last Glacial Maximum
  15. Bower, Erica:    Linking Environmental Hazards, Climate Variability, and Human Mobility in Nepal: A Spatial Model
  16. Bozuwa, Johanna:    An Economic Valuation of Arctic Resources in a Warming Climate
  17. Aitcheson, Gabriella:    The Role of Methylation in the Expression of Transforming Growth Factor -Induced Gene in Asbestos-Induced Mesothelioma
  18. Hicks, Gwen:    Beyond Yes or No: Quantifying Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Among Inner-City Children
  19. Bordner, Autumn:    Using CO Measurements to Predict Personal PM2.5 Exposure of Maternal-Infant Pairs in Rural Ghana
  20. Buck, Suzanna:    Patterns of Genetic Variation at an Immune-Relevant Locus in Urban and Rural Populations of Peromyscus Leucopus in New York State
  21. Polokova, Vanda:    Long Term Trends in Obesity and Physical Activity Rates in New York City
  22. Priester, Molly:    Evaluating Nymphalid Butterflies as Indicators of Biodiversity in Southwestern Amazonia Biodiversity in Southwestern Amazonia
  23. Weinman, Lucia:    A Comparison of SNP and Microsatellite Markers for Analysis of Parentage in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird
  24. Crank, Aislinn:    Effects of Competition and Nutrient Limitation on Diatom Communities in the Costa Rica Upwelling Dome
  25. Smyk, Alexander:    Implications of a Carbon Capture and Storage System Retrofit on the Dispatch Profile of a Coal-Fired Power Plant
  26. Keller, Heidi:    Cultivating Algae in Wastewater Pollutants for Biodiesel Production
  27. Girma, Daniel:    Contamination of the Bad River Watershed: The Risk of Open-Pit Iron Mining
  28. Kier, Nolan:    At Your Feet: Stormwater Capture in New York City Tree Pits
  29. Koling, Adam:    From Parks to Park Avenue The Microbial Composition of New York City's Green Infrastructure
  30. Kim, Carol:    A Method for Isolating High Purity RNA from Aqueous Samples for Radiocarbon Analysis
  31. Mulvihill, Colleen:    Sources of Organic Carbon in a Recently Deposited Floodplain Aquifer, Rifle, Colorado
  32. Silvern, Rachel:    Deep Aquifer Microbial DNA in Bangladesh: Does Organic Carbon Travel Faster Than Groundwater?
  33. Wagner, Ashley:    Contamination Predictions Based on Monsoon-Driven Changes in Groundwater Velocity and Their Effect on Microosphere Transport
  34. Fan, Ariel:    Investigating Correlations between Tenant Operations and Commercial Building Efficiency Evaluation
  35. Jenkins, Reid:    Assessing Urban Microclimates to Improve Smart Building Performance in Manhattan Skyscrapers
  36. Padelford, Dale:    Relationships Between Criteria Air Pollutants and Temperatures in New York City Microclimates
  37. Giapoutzis, Valerie:    Public Opinion, Events and Hydrofracking Policy in New York State
  38. Molina, Monica:    A Federalist Study of Environmental Justice at the State Policy Level
  39. Korman, Sabrina:    Integrating Remote Sensing and the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach in Assam, India
  40. Golden, Abigail:    Harnessing the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Subsistence and Artisanal Fishers for Conservation Solutions in a Fijian Fishing Village
  41. Bailey, Lauren:    A systematic review of traditional marine resource management in Melanesia
  42. Dutton, Katelyn:    Assessing the Educational Potential of Serious Alternate Reality Games: A Case Study of Content Analysis Methodology
  43. Hostyk, Liora:    Modeling Disease: Malaria Risk Classification in Madagascar and Attribution Study of the Epidemic of 2012
  44. Dorsch, Morgan:    Tree Seed and Seedling Dynamics in Recently Established Urban Reforestation Sites
  45. Seppo, My:     Disentangling the Impact of Resource Dependence & Economic Concentration on Institutions and the Economy
  46. Cohen, Mikhael:    Growth and Inequality: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Driving Economic Development in Rwanda
  47. Thaler, Madeline:    Morphological Phylogeny of Damselfish Endemic to The South Pacific
  48. Massman, Audrey:    Biodiversity, Symbiosis, and Nutrient Cycling: Soil Nutrient Gradient Influence on the Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Community in a Bornean Primary Rainforest
  49. Ben Yair, Mason :    Deep Sea High Pressure Desalination
  50. Bullock, Kendra:    Assessing bacterial abundances in the water column near oil-impacted and non-oil-impacted areas in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
The poster session is being hosted by:
Environmental Science, Barnard College,
Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES), Columbia University,
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University,
Columbia Program in Sustainable Development,
The Earth Institute at Columbia University

Senior Research Seminar - Spring