You are cordially invited to attend the
2016 Senior Thesis Poster Session
Thursday, April 21, 4:30 - 6:30 pm
in the lower level Event Oval (LL100), Diana Center, Barnard College
  Enter Barnard through the gate at  Broadway & 117th St and walk toward the new orange building on your right. After entering the building, take the stairs one flight down
(see Barnard Campus map).

30 seconds summaries from 4:30-5:00 pm will be followed by poster presentations and a reception until 6:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine at (212 854 5618).

Presenters & Poster titles1:

  1. López, Elora: Genetic Connectivity Among Populations of Black Sea Cucumber (Holothuria atra) in Fiji
  2. Hains, Taylor: Does Hybridization occur in a Captive Population of The Scarlet Macaw Complex (Ara macao)?
  3. Nicholas, Khristopher Mark: Biodiversity, Sustainable Diets, and the Growth of the Palm Oil Industry in Myanmar
  4. Schattman, Emilie: The Effects of Acidic Conditions on the Survival and Encystment of Cyanea capillata Polyps
  5. Fortin, Elizabeth: Leaf Physiology in Changing Shrub Canopy Light Environments on Alaska's North Slope
  6. DeCandia, Alexandra: Method for the Noninvasive Sex Identification of Order Carnivora
  7. de Oliveira Lobo, Ana Helena: Study of Variability within and among Global Climate Models
  8. Goldstein,Stephanie: The Relationship Between Precipitation, Maximum Temperatures, and Minimum Temperatures on Bark Beetle-Induced Tree Loss in the American Southwest
  9. Luk, Sheron: Weather Derivatives in a World of Extreme Climate
  10. Luis, Kelly: Calcium Carbonate Burial in the North Pacific
  11. McElroy, Mary: Investigating Iron Acquisition in Marine Diatom P. tricornutum with molecular methods
  12. Pensky, Jenny: Did Hydrological Change Drive the Expansion of Grasslands in India during the Late Miocene?
  13. Soto Reyes, Sofia Marisa: Drying in the Levant and Its Influence on the Implementation of Annex II in the Treaty of Peace Between Jordan and Israel
  14. Whitlock, Griffin: Investigating the Onset of Cooler Global Upwelling 2 Million Years Ago
  15. Becker, Maya: Tracing West Antarctic Iceberg Origins through Scour Depth Analyses
  16. Ramirez, Rose: The Formation of Continental Crust in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt
  17. Nielson, Michael A: Micro-Structural Characterization of Ice Crystal Evolution During Thermal Stress Experiments
  18. Chang, Clara: Using Elemental Abundances and Petrophysical Properties to Trace Sediment Transport in the Hudson River
  19. Gill, Lucy: A Soil Story: Reconstructing the Paleoecological and Anthropological History of Haverstraw Tidal Marshlands
  20. Ouni, Souha: Effects of Vegetation Shifts on Greenhouse Gas Production in a Coastal Salt Marsh
  21. Goff, Dezmond: Responses of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Bulk Soils and Lichen-moss Soil Crusts to Nitrogen Fertilization of Pacific Northwest Alpine Dry Meadows
  22. Morris, Dina: Nitrogen Filtration and Conversion by New York City Tree Pits
  23. Chen, Therese: Do Arsenic Concentrations in Groundwater Change Over Time? A Fourteen-Year Follow-up Study of 373 Tubewells in Bangladesh
  24. Kunstler, Chloe: Monitoring Iron Oxide Growth and Arsenic Adsorption for in situ Remediation Systems
  25. Chowdhury, Safa: Tungsten Solubility in Groundwater as a Function of Redox Conditions
  26. Soares, Lissa: Hydraulic Fracturing and the Quality of Groundwater Along Both Sides of the Pennsylvania and New York State Border
  27. Mack, Claudia: SF6, SF5CF3, and Radiocarbon as Tracers for Quantification of Mineral Carbonation Associated with Geological Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Icelandic Basalt
  28. Vinokor, Rory: Exploring the Stability of SF5CF3 to Determine Transport and Reaction Rates of Fluids Sequestered into a Geothermal System in Iceland
  29. Nothaft, Daniel B: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in the Staten Island Serpentinite
  30. Guo, Jean: Seasonal and Regional Variability in the Relationship between Ground-Level Ozone (O3) and Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the United States
  31. Issakyzy, Zhibek: Assessment of Historical Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Emissions for Cleaner Air in Central Asia
  32. Cho, Eun Sik: Validation and Establishment of Correlations between Minute Ventilation Measurements and Cardiovascular Health Indicators in NYC Bicyclists
  33. Advani, Noeleen: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Swaziland by Integrating HIV Treatment Into Maternal and Child Health Services
  34. Booth, Laura: Has Prevalence and Diversity of Avian Malaria Changed With a Changing Climate?
  35. Iacovou, Melina: Physical Activity, Socio-economic Conditions & the Built Environment
  36. Katebi, Lara: Factors Driving College Students to Participate in Local Food Systems
  37. Liban, Ladan: The Effect of Food Policy Initiatives on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption for Harlem Residents
  38. McDonogh-Wong, Larissa: NYC Canners: An Analysis of the Informal Waste Sector and Bottle Bill Policy
  39. Amri, Myriam: The Extent to Which Grassroots Environmental Groups use a Leftist Radical Discourse
  40. Carty, Monica: The Role of Training Programs in the Sustainability of Potable Water Projects
  41. Chen, Mariah: Antarctic Peace Threatened by Increasingly Available Resources
  42. Dua, Reeva: Analysis of Historical and Future Appliance Standard Setting: Comparison of the United States, California, the European Union, and Japan's Appliance Standards and Best Practices
  43. Fonseca-Morales, Ximena: The Effects of Promoting Electricity Conservation on Energy Consumption in University Housing
  44. Schipani, Samantha: Analyzing the Correlation between Student Engagement with Sustainable Development and National Environmental Behavior
  45. Wisdom, Leila Esther: Long-term Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Orleans Parish Residents

The poster session is being hosted by:
Environmental Science, Barnard College,
Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES), Columbia University,
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University,
Columbia Program in Sustainable Development,
The Earth Institute at Columbia University

Senior Research Seminar