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Poster authors and titles (in alphabetical order):

Ahmed, Sophia: The Role of US Cities Reducing Electric Vehicle Costs: A Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Aly, Olivia: Drinking Water Contamination in Public Water Systems Serving Correctional Facilities

Betancourt, Daniel:  How Race Impacts Scene Time

Blau, Sarah:  Rethinking Co-Production: Coastal Flood Resilience Planning in Central Maryland

Boege, Ella:   Life Cycle of Computers at Barnard College: A Circular Economy Assessment

Bomysoad, Nathan:  Modeling Climate Change Precipitation and Sea Level Scenarios on Hudson River Salinity

Chen, Yanhua: The Impact of Motorcycle Emissions on Air Quality in Central and East Africa

Chritton,Theodore:  Food-subsidized Mammal Interactions as a Potential Source for Zoonotic Disease

Das, Anindita:  Quantifying Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Coastal Waters of Northwest Alaska

Foppa, Sophia:  Assessing the Effects of White-Tailed Deer Herbivory on Forest Composition at Black Rock Forest

Ford, Andrew:   Assessment of the Effect of Regional Pollen Allergens on the Prevalence of Peach Allergies

Garfunkel, Emily:     The Just Transition in Practice: A Case Study of Tonawanda, New York

Hoffenberg, Carolina: The Influx and Effects of Circumpolar Deep Water on the Getz Ice Shelf

Jathas, Sarah:  Assessing and Improving Lightweight Dataloggers for Wildlife Tracking

Jetin Duceux, Alice: California-China Climate Partnership: A Case of Subnational Cooperation

Kosh, Elena:     Basal Conditions Underneath Thwaites Glacier Using Ice Penetrating Radar

Lacambra, Sophia:   Association of Tropical Cyclone Events With Disaster Distress Helpline Usage

Leung, Debbie:  Functional and Molecular Regulation of Thermal Stress in Marine Ectotherms: Insights for Climate Change and Extreme Events

Martinez, Livia:  Correlated Trait Trends Found in Pedicularis Genus through Floral Morphology Measurements

McConnell, Tatum:   Collaboration, Practicality, and Success in Montana's Southwestern Crown Collaborative Rare Carnivore Monitoring Project

Melvin, Sam: Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Air Quality in Northern India

Miles, Isobel:     Businesses as Agents of Social Change Towards Sustainability: How May ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and ‘Total Societal Impact’ Influence Employee Behavior?

Montgomery, Avery:   Insights Through Uncertainty

Mortimer, Thomas:    Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Removal Using Enhanced Chemical Rock Weathering

Ortiz, Sarah:       Nitrogen Fixation Associated With Green Macroalgae off the Coast of Catalina Island

Parent, Christopher:       Doughnut Pharmacy: Comparing Walgreens Corporate Social Responsibility Goals With their Food Products

Peccia, Ally:  Petrologic Estimate for Sulfur Outgassing of the Okmok Caldera-Forming Eruption II, 43 BCE

Sinha, MiaPaleoclimate Reconstructions From Noble Gases Dissolved in Groundwater From the Mekong River Basin, Vietnam

Slibeck, Bennett:   Photogrammetric Analysis of Late Triassic Reptile Footprints

Solanke, Oreoluwa: Investigating Metagenomic Differences of Trichodesmium Microbiomes among the North Atlantic, North and South Pacific Basins

Sparks, Georgia:  Equitable Planning for Social, Ecological, and Technological Resilience in New York City Communities

Symonds, Emily : Invasive Species Impact on Leaf Litter Fauna in New York City Parks

Tai, Clio :  A Foot Traffic Analysis of Urban Green Spaces in NYC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Velasquez Blas, Alejandro:  Factors Influencing Resource Access for Latinx Undocumented Immigrants During the COVID-19 Pandemic in NYC.

Visnic, Olivia: Connections with the More-Than-Human: Green Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wallens-Logan, Kelcey: How Do Environmental Science Students Understand and Learn About Feedback Loops?

Weinstein, Gabriel:  Climate Instability in the North Atlantic Across MIS 10 and MIS 11

Wu, Jennifer:  The Role of Remote Sensing and Vegetation in Predicting Groundwater Arsenic in Cambodia

Zimmerman, Jeremy: Examining Characteristics of Communities Close to Hydraulic Fracturing