1-D Column models

This form sets up input for 1 dimensional column models with upwelling rate W0, maximum porosity phi0, initial relative activities that are not necessarily in equilbrium and melting and partition coefficent information in the spreadsheet. This model outputs concentration and activity ratios as a function of depth/pressure for the two U-series chains 238U->230Th->226Ra and 235U->231Pa. Have fun and may the force be with you.

Physical Parameters

Upwelling velocity= cm/yr
Maximum Porosity=
Permeability exponent=
Pressure gradient= kb/km
Accuracy Tolerance=

Chemical Parameters

235U=238U 230Th 226Ra 231Pa
Relative Activities

Spreadsheet Input

Use the sample
Enter a file name
or make one for a simple 2 layer model

Output Settings