Contour plots

This form sets up input to make contour plots of activity ratios at the top of a set of 1-D colums as a function of h upwelling rate W0 and maximum porosity phi0. Other inputs are the same as in the 1-D models. If the "Target data" information is entered, this form will also produce an overlay plot showing contours for specific activity ratio values. Any intersections on this plot are viable solutions.

Physical Parameters

Min Max N points
Upwelling velocity (cm/yr)
Maximum Porosity

Permeability exponent=

Pressure gradient= kb/km
Accuracy Tolerance=

Chemical Parameters

235U=238U 230Th 226Ra 231Pa
Relative Activities

Target Data (230Th/238U) (226Ra/230Th) (231Pa/235U)

Spreadsheet Input

Use the sample
Enter a file name
or make one for a simple 2 layer model

Output Settings

Data types: Output Formats: