Meredith Nettles
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Meredith Nettles studies earthquakes to improve understanding of the deformation and evolution of plate boundaries, volcanic systems, and continental margins; and uses geophysical techniques to investigate glacier and ice-sheet dynamics, with a focus on understanding interactions across the ice-ocean-atmosphere-solid Earth system. She also conducts research on the structure of the Earth's crust and mantle to provide constraints on models of its state and evolution. Prof. Nettles is also interested in the development of seismic and geodetic instrumentation and observing networks; the near-real-time assessment of datastreams recorded globally; and the application of modern computational techniques to allow analysis of large volumes of seismic data.
Prof. Nettles is also co-PI of the Global CMT project, working to support and improve the routine analysis of moderate and large earthquakes worldwide, and to provide quality assessment for the Global Seismographic Network (GSN).

Research Projects

Glacial Earthquakes

link to data files
Centroid Moment
Tensor Project
Surface Wave
Waveform quality analysis

GSN & other QC
link to gridded version of Nettles and Dziewonski (2008)
shear-velocity model (global, higher resolution in North America)
and phase-velocity models from Nettles (2005)
Unusual Earthquakes

Teaching 2019/20

EESC 3201. Solid Earth Dynamics

EESC GR9902. Scientific writing for journal publication

EESC GR9945. Seismology Seminar

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