Meredith Nettles
Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Meredith Nettles's research focuses on tomographic imaging of the Earth's upper mantle and studies of the earthquake source. Tomographic work includes the development of a robust and well-constrained model of the radially anisotropic, 3-D shear velocity structure of the upper mantle beneath North America. Current earthquake studies include an effort to constrain the source characteristics of glacial earthquakes and the processes that lead to those earthquakes. Prof. Nettles currently spends much of her time working on a major interdisciplinary geophysical observing campaign in East Greenland, at Helheim and Kangerdlugssuaq Glaciers (see "Glacial Earthquakes", below).
Prof. Nettles is also co-PI of the Global CMT project, working to support and improve the routine analysis of moderate and large earthquakes worldwide, and to provide quality assessment for the Global Seismographic Network (GSN).

Research Projects

Glacial Earthquakes

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Centroid Moment
Tensor Project
Surface Wave
Waveform quality analysis

GSN & other QC
link to gridded version of Nettles and Dziewonski (2008)
shear-velocity model (global, higher resolution in North America)
and phase-velocity models from Nettles (2005)
Unusual Earthquakes


EESC 3801. Senior Seminar - Fall

EESC 3801. Senior Seminar - Spring

EESC 3201. Solid Earth Dynamics

EESC G9945, Section 1. Seismology Seminar

EESC G9945, Section 2. Geodesy with the Global Positioning System

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