Helheim 2006

An investigation of glacial earthquakes

Photos from the maintenance and data download trip

This page contains some photos from our trip (July 22-25, 2006) to download data and perform maintenance at the network of GPS stations we installed at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland, in late June.

All photographs are copyright 2006 by the photographer.

Testing solar panels for maintenance work.  (Photos: M. Nettles)

Installing a station near the glacier snout.  (Photos: P. Elósegui)

We also installed a tide gauge near Helheimfjord, at Qertaulangivaq.  (Photos: left, M. Nettles; right, G. Hamilton)

Left: Just another day at the office...  (Photo: P. Elósegui); Right: Leigh tests the ice for safety; Meredith and Pedro follow.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Working at site IS19.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Helicopter waiting at IS19.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Helicopter hovering over the glacier while we complete a maintenance visit.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

A station after its maintenance visit.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

To stabilize the antennas, we installed orange "sausages" (sandbags) around the antenna mounts.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Pedro downloads data in the helicopter en route to the next station.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Calving front at Helheim Glacier on July 25, 2006.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

We saw lots of water on the glacier, from puddles to ponds to rivers.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Crevasses (normal faults!) on the glacier.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Maintenance at one of the rock sites, NUN1.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Helicopter pilot Morten Hauerbach at NUN1.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

About to return to Tasiilaq from NUN1. Left to right: pilot Morten Hauerbach, Pedro Elósegui, Gordon Hamilton, Leigh Stearns.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

View of Tasiilaq from the helicopter on the way back in to the heliport.  (Photo: G. Hamilton)

Tasiilaq: The third ship of the year arrives in town.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Tasiilaq: Iceberg in the harbor.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Tasiilaq: Sled-dog puppies playing near the heliport.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Tasiilaq: Bluebells on the way to Blomsterdalen.  

Moon over Tasiilaq.  (Photo: M. Nettles)

Meredith Nettles, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, copyright ©2006, all rights reserved.
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