LDEO Seismology: RSDB Data Holdings

The plots below show the extent of data we have acquired via LISS and NRTS connections for recent time periods. Daily plots are shown for the last week, along with several monthly plots. A colored bar indicates the presence of some data from any one of the channels we acquire continuously (VH* and LH*). Red bars indicate data acquired via LISS from the USGS/ASL; green bars indicate data acquired via NRTS; purple bars show data acquired via the IRIS DMC's LISS server.

The data holdings of the RSDB are used primarily for the production of Quick CMTs and for quality control of IRIS-GSN stations. Plots of noise levels at these stations are also available on the web.

Daily plots: 2018 10 29 - 2018 11 05

Monthly plots: 2013 01 - 2018 11

Meredith Nettles, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, copyright ©2007, all rights reserved