Nili Harnik

New Affiliation:
Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences,
Tel Aviv University,
Tel Aviv , 69978, Israel 

Also, adjunct researcher at:

Climate Modeling group

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

61 Route 9W

Palisades, NY, 10964

Tel: 845-365-8493

Fax: 845-365-8736

Research interests:


Perlwitz, J., and N. Harnik, 2003.  Downward coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere: The

relative roles of wave and zonal mean processes. Submitted to J. Clim.  Abstract  pdf file


Harnik N., R, K. Scott, and J. Perlwitz, 2003:  Wave reflection and focusing prior
to the major stratospheric warming of September 2002. Submitted to JAS.   Abstract    pdf file

Harnik, N., and E. K. M. Chang, 2003: The effects of variations in jet width on the
growth of baroclinic waves: Implications for midwinter Pacific stormtrack variability.
To appear in JAS Abstract  pdf file

Perlwitz, J., and N. Harnik, 2003: Observational Evidence of a Stratospheric Influence
on the Troposphere by Planetary Wave Reflection.
J. Clim  16  3011-3026.  Abstract  pdf file

Seager, R., N. Harnik, Y. Kushnir, W. Robinson, and J. Miller, 2003: Mechanisms of hemispherically
symmetric climate variability. J. Clim 16, 2960-2978.   pdf file

Harnik, N. and E. K. M. Chang, 2003. Storm track variations as seen in radiosonde observations
and reanalysis data. J.Climate 16, 480-495.  pdf file  Abstract

Harnik, N., 2002: The evolution of a stratospheric wave packet. JAS 59, 202-217.   pdf file   Abstract

Harnik, N., and R. S. Lindzen, 2001: The effect of reflecting surfaces
on the vertical structure and variability of stratospheric planetary
waves. JAS 58, 2872-2894. pdf file  Abstract

Harnik, N., and R. S. Lindzen, 1998: The effect of basic-state
potential vorticity gradients on the growth of baroclinic waves and
the height of the tropopause, JAS 55, 344-360.   pdf file Abstract

Harnik, N., and R. S. Lindzen, Are TOVS temperature retrievals
capable of resolving the vertical structure of stratospheric planetary
waves? To be submitted one day… Abstractps file



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