April 19-20,  2012


Meeting Overview

Improvements in the fossil record and novel analytical methods

for reconstructing past climate bring exciting new perspectives

to this question of human origins.

During this two-day symposium at Columbia University’s

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, leading scientists will

present the latest evidence for climate and faunal change in

East Africa over the last five million years and discuss how

these changes may have influenced the evolution of African

mammals, including our human ancestors.

Meeting Overview

Confirmed Speakers: Rene Bobe, Thure  Cerling, Peter deMenocal, Sarah Feakins, Mikael Fortelius, Kate Freeman, Paul Falkowski, Fred Grine, Richard Leakey, Naomi Levin, Lawrence Martin, Cassy Meyers, Ben Passey, Rick Potts, Rowan Sage, Matt Sponheimer, Peter Ungar, Kevin Uno, Lars Werdelin.

We gratefully acknowledge support from Sarah Johnson Redlich, the National Science Foundation, and the Lamont Climate Center.

Dates  Thursday & Friday April 19-20, 2012

location  Monell Auditorium, Lamont Campus

Convenors   Peter deMenocal

                          Thure Cerling

                          Richard Leakey

                          Lawrence Martin

Please RSVP as space is limited.