The Lamont Organic Geochemistry Lab is housed in the Organic Geochemistry Lab and Stable Isotope Lab on the 2nd floor of the New Core Lab.

A list of current lab group members and links to instrument scheduling calendars and forms can be found on the LDEO Organic Geochemistry Lab website.

Equipment and Space

Dionex ASE-350 for lipid extraction (20, 60 and 100 ml cells)

Turbovap for 60 ml ASE vials

Thermo Trace GC-FID with S/SL and PTV inlets

Agilent GC-MSD+FID with Multimode inlet and capillary splitter to detectors

Thermo Delta V isotope ratio mass spectrometer with:

ConFlo IV interface

GC Isolink with combustion and pyrolysis reactors for compound-specific C, H and N isotope analysis

Thermo Trace GC with S/SL and PTV inlets and TriPlus autosampler

Thermo Thermal Conversion Elemental Analyzer (TC-EA) for isotopic analysis H and O isotopes in solids

Costech combustive Elemental Analyzer (EA) for isotopic analysis C and N isotopes in solids

4 x 8 ft and 2 x 6 ft fume hoods (Room 208, New Core Lab)

SPEX Ballmill and other sample preparation equipment