Graduate Students

As primary advisor:

Sam Phelps, Columbia University 2013-present

Nick O’Mara, Columbia University 2017-present

As committee member:

Genevieve Coffey, Columbia University 2015-present

Yonaton Goldsmith, Columbia University 2013-2017 (Now at The California Institute of Technology)

Hannah Rabinowitz, Columbia University 2012-2018 (Now at Brown University)

Cassaundra Rose, Columbia University 2011-2015 (Now at the American Geosciences Institute)

Jonathan LaRiviere, University of California, Santa Cruz 2010-2013

Postdoctoral Scholars

Gerald Rustic, 2015-2017 (Now Assistant Professor at Rowan University)

Kevin Uno, 2012-2016 (co-advised with Peter deMenocal) (Now Lamont Assistant Research Professor at LDEO)

Undergraduate Student Research

Senior Theses (Two-semester projects):

Jason Swann, (May 2016, Columbia Univ.).  Miocene atmospheric CO2 records from coccolith calcite δ13C.  Senior Thesis in Earth and Environmental Science.

Jennifer Pensky (2015, Barnard College).  Did Hydrological Change Drive the Expansion of Grasslands in India during the Late Miocene?  Senior Thesis in Environmental Science.

Emma Kahle (2014, Columbia University).  Evolution of East African climate from compound-specific hydrogen and carbon isotope analyses.  Senior Thesis in Earth and Environmental Science.

Rachel Sheppard (2013, Columbia University)  Extractable organic molecules are an effective thermometer of both naturally and artificially heated fault rocks. Senior Thesis in Earth and Environmental Science.

Sebastian Vivancos (2013, Columbia University)  Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in the 41-ky world. Senior Thesis in Earth and Environmental Science.

Jessie Thornburg (2006, The Pennsylvania State University)  The Younger Dryas transition observed in lacustrine sediments from Castor Lake, Washington. Senior Thesis in Geosciences.

Daniel Nelson (2002, Hampshire College) Holocene lake-level history of Little Twin Lake, North-central Washington State.  Senior Thesis in Natural Science.

Summer Research Interns:

Rachel Buzeta (Summer Intern, 2017, Univ. of Dayton)

Kevin Jackson (Summer Intern, 2015, Lafeyette)

Jason Swann (Summer Intern, 2015, Columbia University)

Brendan Femal (Summer Intern, 2014, Univ. of Puget Sound)

Jennifer Pensky (Summer Intern, 2014, Barnard College)

Emma Kahle (Summer Intern 2013, Columbia University)

Samuel Phelps (Summer Intern 2012, Brown University)

Molleigh Preefer (Summer Intern 2012, Columbia University)

Addison H. Rice (CalTech SURF Program, Summer 2012, CalTech)

Rachel Sheppard (REU summer researcher, Summer 2012, Columbia University)

Rachel Sheppard (Summer Intern 2011, Columbia University)

Christine Liu (Summer Intern 2011, Columbia University)

Research Assistants:

Mark Franklin (2015), Columbia University

Natalia Galud Erazo (2014-2015), Columbia University

Dorothy Feng (2014-2015), Columbia University

Esther Roh (2014), General Studies, Columbia University

Shawnee Traylor (2014), Environmental Chemistry, Columbia University

David NwaChukwu, Jr. (2014), Dept. of Biochemistry, Columbia University

Brittany Becker (2012-14), Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

Floyd St. Bernard (2013), Dept. of Chemistry, Columbia University

Caroline Baptiste (2012-13), BRIDGE to Ph.D. Scholar, Columbia University

Molleigh Preefer (2012-13), Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University

Alexandra Limon (2011-13), Dept. of Chemistry, Columbia University

Rachel Sheppard (2011-12), Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University.

Elana Amador (2009-10), Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science, U.C. Santa Cruz

Nevin Whitman (2007), Dept. of Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University

Visiting Scholars

Aubrey Hillman, 2/2014 (Ph.D. student, University of Pittsburgh)

Darren Larsen, 2014 (Post-doc, University of Pittsburgh)

Nikki Garrett, 1/2014  (Ph.D. student, University of Minnesota)

Shanying Li, 2/2011 (Ph.D. student, Miami University)