CPCP Field Trip: November 15, 2007
Download Guidebook by Milner, Kirkland, and Spears (5.4 MB)

Stop 1: St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. Lunch an examination of tracksite an stratigraphy of lower Whitmore Point Member of the Moenave Formation of ?Late Triassic to Early Jurassic age  (from Stop 1: Examples of natral casts of footprints from the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. A, Eubrontes giganteus, made by a large theropod dinosaur;  B, Eubrontes (Anchisauruipus) sillimani, made by a small theropod dinosaur (From Olsen et al., Scientific Drilling).
Moenkopi Whitmore_moenave
Stop 2: Base of Warner Valley section. In forground are the pale grey to red bes of the Moenkopi Formation of Lower to Midle Triassic in age. The rige on right is capped by yellowish Shinarump Conglomerate of the Late Triassic age Chinle Formation. Stop 3: In foreground are gray, yellow an red lacustrine strata of the Whitemore Point Member of the Moenave Fomration in Warner Valley.  Lacustrine strata have abunant articulated to fragmentary fossil fish, mostly Semionotus. The pale sandstone at the top of the ravine is the Springale Sanstone of the Kayenta Formation.
Kayenta chinle_moenave
Stop 3: Upper part of Warner Valley section. In foreground is the silty facies of the Kayenta Formation of Early Jurassic age. The cliffs are a sandy facies of the Kayenta transitional into the overlying Navajo Sandstone, also of Early Jurassic age. Stop 4: Contact between Late Triassic age Chinle Formation purple mudstone and overlying ?Late Triassic-Early Jurassic Dinosaur Canyon of the Moenave Formation. The contact zone is riddled with gypsum, at least most of which appears post-depositional. See cpcp_07_results.html for identification of the people.
warner_tracks Eubrontes at Warner Valley
Stop 5: Warner Valley dinosaur tracksite in lower silty facies of the Kayenta Formation of Early Jurassic age, just above the Springdale Sanstone of the Kayenta. Courtesy of Sarah Spears. Stop 5: Examples of Eubrontes giganteus from the Warner Valley dinosaur tracksite. A, trackways; B, right pes impression (second track from the bottom in A). Image A  is courtesy of Sarah Spears.