I haven't quite gotten around to posting the pdf version of this work yet. Little things like my PhD research keep getting in the way.
But look out for it in the future! Hopefully be the end of 2000 it will be least, that's the plan!

If you wish to be notified when this file is available, send me an email request (and include the author and publicationyear!)


This monograph is still under copyright, and in print. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection kindly gave us permission to reproduce this pdf facsimile of the monograph, and make it available for free download.
If you wish to purchase the monograph, contact the DEP store (79 Elm St, Hartford, CT 06106; phone (860) 424-3555, fax (860) 424-4088). Price is $14.95 including S&H (as of June 2000).