Tentative list of Main Issues (more details)

The International Workshop for a Climatic, Biotic, and Tectonic Transect Across Triassic-Jurassic Pangea will be focused on a series of key generic questions that can be addressed uniquely in the Triassic-Jurassic venue, principally, but not exclusively, through coring. A list, not necessarily exhaustive, of these questions follows:
1. How is Milankovitch climatic forcing expressed over latitude in continental settings?

2. What is the relationship of Large Igneous Provinces to Mass Extinctions?

3. What is the relationship between LIP's and initiation of seafloor spreading and rift basin development?

4. What is the structure and tempo of mass extinctions in continental environments over geography?

5. What is the time scale of the Early Jurassic and how can we develop high-resolution time scale for the Early Mesozoic?

6. What are the global biogeochemical consequences of mass extinctions?