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Wright-Reiman Laboratory, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1179
Telephone: (908) 445-2044 Fax: (908) 445-3374 Home phone: (908) 247-0481


Ph.D. (Candidate) Geology, Rutgers University, 1996

M.A. in Geology, Rutgers University, 1991

B.A. in Geology, Hofstra University, 1979

A.A.S. in Electronic Technology, Nassau Community College, 1977

O.S.H.A. 40-hour course, Technician III, 1995


1995-1996: Graduate Fellowship, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

1994-present: Geologist, New Jersey Geological Survey; compilation and
manipulation of ARC/INFO GIS coverages and maps

1993-1994: CAD/Graphic Artist

1991-1993: Graduate Research Assistant, Rutgers University

1989-91; 1993-94: Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant Supervisor, Rutgers
University-New Brunswick

1988-1989: Paid Field Consultant, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory

1982-1986: Research Assistant, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory

1986-1989: Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant Supervisor/Adjunct,
Rutgers University-Newark


Graduate Fellowship, 1995-96

Victoria Foundation Scholarship, 1994

Sigma Xi, 1993

Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 1987

Phi Theta Kappa, 1977

Cum Laude, Nausau Community College, 1977


1992: Reading Museum, Pennsylvania. "Tetrapod trackways in the Jacksonwald
syncline, constraints on diversity and implications for the
Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction."

1990: American Museum of Natural History (Paleontological Society), New
York City. "Evolution, mass extinction and the Cretaceous-Tertiary

1989: Newark Museum, New Jersey."The demise of the dinosaurs."


Introduced geology (minerals, maps, paleontology, geological careers) to
elementary school students in a program of enhanced study, Asbury Park
Public School System, Asbury Park, New Jersey.


Terrestrial basin analysis

Structural and straigraphic evolution of rift basins

Tectonic and climatic controls on rift basin sedimentation

Lacustrine sedimentation

Terrestrial tetrapod extinctions

Use of cyclostraigraphy for gauging evolutionary and extinction rates


1986-present: Newark basin of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Identification of terrestrial vertebrate ichnofauna, cyclostratigraphy,
biostratigraphy, sedimentology, and structural geology.

1992: Fundy rift basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. Measured and described
stratigraphic sections of Triassic and Jurassic rocks.

1988-1989: Richmond basin, Midlothian, Virginia. On-site supervisor,
paleontological excavation.


Silvestri , S. M. and Szajna, M. J., 1993. (invited paper) Biostratigraphy
of vertebrate footprints in the Late Triassic section of the Newark basin,
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M.S., Ichnofauna of the last 7 million years of the Triassic from the
Jacksonwald syncline, Newark basin, Pennsylvania.

Ph.D., Facies analysis and biostratigraphy of the Late Triassic age Passaic
Formation: Newark rift basin, New Jersey and Pennsylvania (in prep.).


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drill cores from the Triassic of the Newark basin, New Jersey: for Basin

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