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My research is primarily process-oriented and focuses mainly on magmatic systems in the crust. I address scientific questions by a multidisciplinary approach including geochemistry, igneous petrology, numerical modeling, and field work to investigate the fundamental chemical and physical processes that control magma evolution at depth as well as in shallow plumbing systems underlying active volcanoes.

My research is driven by:

What drives magma diversity?

How effective is the crustal filter in erasing mantle diversity?

How is the continental crust assembled?

How do volcanoes transition into periods of unrest?

Most of my research has brought me to arc settings, where I have done extensive field work (more than half a year in the field). My current research areas include arcs around the world (Andes, Central America, Aleutians, Tonga), and the tectonically complex area of Eastern Papua New Guinea.

Ultimately, I want to get people excited about rocks and how they tell the story of an evolving planet.



Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

403 Comer

61 Route 9W

Palisades, NY 10964 

Phone: 845-365-8635 Fax: 845-365-8155 





August ’15: Check out the recent coverage on our research on the “The Academic Minute”.

April ’15:

Funding from Columbia University’s Global Center Initiative!

I just got news from the internal proposal call at Columbia: My project in Chile to study volcanic hazards and mineral resources was approved!

We will head out to Santiago and the Andes in early 2016, taking some students and meeting Chilean colleagues. Looking forward to the spectacular geology.

A Highway from Hell - rapid Moho-to-surface magma transport despite the presence of a long-lived large stratovolcano:

How is magma mixing affecting magma homogeneity and how is magma recharge related to the timing of volcanic eruptions?

What controls the eruptive behavior

of a volcano - switch from simple lava to explosive bang!

Cerro Azul and Descabezado Grandeshapeimage_4_link_0
Cerro Azul and Quizapu cratershapeimage_5_link_0
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone NPshapeimage_6_link_0

Read more in this Geology article.

Find HERE and HERE answers from my new Journal of Petrology articles discussing results from Volcán Quizapu in Chile.

Magma ascent from the Moho on the order of months;  Nature article by P. Ruprecht and T. Plank.