My research spans the disciplines of biological and chemical aquatic science and has focused on microbial life in the ocean and coastal waters.  A large part of my work pertains to the microbial photoautotrophs (phytoplankton) of the ocean.  This category of ocean life is responsible for almost half of the total photosynthesis on the planet and in addition to being the base of the marine food web, the phytoplankton play a large role in what has come to be known as ocean biogeochemistry.  Research in phytoplankton ecology is relevant to the analysis of the production of fish, birds and mammals in the sea.  It is also important for the analysis of nutrient flow in the ocean that impacts for example, with the ocean’s capacity to adsorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Phytoplankton growth also redistributes material from the surface of the ocean to depth and exchanges material with bacteria and ocean water throughout the water column and sediments. 

  1. 1. Polar biological production and nutrients (Bering Sea Ecosystem

       StudySouthern Ocean Oden Cruise, SCICEX).

  1. 2.  Tropical Upwelling (CARIACO & Eastern Tropical North Pacific).

  2. 3. Coastal oceans and estuaries (Eutrophication).

  3. 4. Earth Microbiology (Environmental Antibiotic Resistance &