Education at LDEO and within DEES


Graduate study at LDEO is primarily through the Department of Earth and Environmental Science or “DEES”.  Graduate students may also contact me directly to discuss graduate school opportunities.

A listing of graduate student opportunities at LDEO within the seismology, geology and tectonophysics group can be found here.

There is an excellent undergraduate intern program at LDEO during the summer (info here).

The annual LDEO Postdoctoral Competition brings in a few select postdoctoral scholars each year.

Seismology, and Geophysics at LDEO

Lamont is home to one of the world’s strongest and most diverse research programs in seismology, marine geophysics and tectonics. Lamont scientists are at the forefront of theoretical and observational seismology, rock mechanics, solid earth dynamics, and geodesy and have made important contributions to the study of earthquakes, the structure of the Earth’s crust, mantle, and core, the dynamics of magmatic systems, and the large-scale motions and deformation of the Earth’s surface.  We are always interested in recruiting talented graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and undergraduate interns.