Spencer A. Hill Associate Research Scholar Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University

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Non peer-reviewed

  1. Numerous blog posts for the DIYnamics blog. Available at https://diynamics.github.io/blog/author/spencer-hill.html.
  2. (2012) Hill, Spencer A. "A head in the clouds elucidates climate" (book review of Atmosphere, Clouds, and Climate by David Randall). Science, 337, 1 pp., doi: 10.1126/science.1225615. PDF.

PhD thesis

(2016) Hill, Spencer A. "Energetic and hydrological responses of Hadley circulations and the African Sahel to sea surface temperature perturbations." PhD Thesis, Princeton University Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. PDF.


  1. (2018) Hill, Spencer A. and Spencer Clark. "aospy: automated climate data analysis and management." Version 0.3.1. https://aospy.readthedocs.io. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1490928.
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