My Matlab Code

This page contains some of the Matlab code I've written over the years. If you find any bugs, please let me know.

1) Functions for performing principal component analysis (PCA): PCA  (PCA.tar.gz)

2) Functions for submitting and managing jobs on parallel computers (such as
Beowulf-type clusters): ClusterTools  (ClusterTools.tar.gz)

3) Functions for reading/writing PETSc binary files: PETSC  (PETSC.tar.gz)

4) Functions for tracer simulation using the transport matrix method: Matrix  (Matrix.tar.gz)

5) Functions for ocean biogeochemistry (solubility, carbonate chemistry, etc): Tracers  (Tracers.tar.gz)

6) Functions to compute transit time distributions (TTDs): TTD  (TTD.tar.gz)

7) Miscellaneous utility functions: Misc  (Misc.tar.gz)

Last updated: 2/18/09