Tarik Hussein  
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Tarik Hussein
Instrument Development Design Engineer
Borehole Research 103A
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, NY 10964-1000
Ph: 845-365-8558
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Professional Activities

  • MSS - Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde - Measures borehole magnetic susceptibility via complementary readings from one high vertical resolution sensor and one deep penetrating sensor. Successfully tested at LDEO, Blanco, TX test wells, and at sea during JOIDES Resolution sea trials (Feb 2009). Successfully deployed at IODP sites 1331 and 1332 of expedition 320.
  • MFTM - Multifunction Telemetry Module - next-generation wireline telemetry system for LDEO tools.  Modular design will ultimately allow any combination of LDEO tools to run alongside any combination of third-party logging tools and collect real-time data in a single logging pass.  Phase I of III is currently in integration testing aboard the ship.
  • Shipboard Data Acquisition System - collects and aggregates real-time data from shipboard systems (heave sensor, navigation, drilling system, downhole toolstring motion).
  • Shakenet - www.shakenet.org - Shake sensors for developing nations - Low-cost, wireless-connected networks of strong motion sensors for earthquake prone developing nations. When a major earthquake hits, these networks will provide aid agencies with rapid assessments of shaking and structural damage.

Paraprofessional Activities:

  • Technology Management MS Program - Columbia U. School of Continuing Education - expected graduation in Summer '09 .

Unprofessional Activities

  • Gotham Volleyball - middle blocker & outside hitter - div 3 - have to sit this season (see "MS Program" and "Zarya" above)
  • Satellite Tracking - NASA J-Pass - though they no longer provide tracking info for manned satellites. Seems like a silly restriction - if somebody had the means to harm the ISS (aka Zarya, "Sunrise"), wouldn't they also have the means to track it?!?   Or, you can just visit heavens-above.com's ISS tracker .
  • IMing & Social Networking - skype: tarik.hussein; facebook; LinkedIn; even still use friendster.
  • Distributed, low-cost seawater desalination systems
  • Vintage PalmOS Devices
  • Vintage GSM Phones


  • Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH; B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1993


  • Natasha Wimmer - Wife, writer, translator of "Los Detectives Salvajes" & "2666" (F)
  • Stanford and (the late) Iris Ovshinsky - Founders of the Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq: ENER) group of companies. Patented & commercialized gobs of technologies in batteries, hydrogen, data storage, power generation... And may yet be the ones to introduce really cheap scalable thin-film solar (RE<C). Even named the company after themselves.
  • Jim Williams - Staff scientist at Linear Tech - has been putting out great circuits/articles since I was 14. A Born, Natural EE, and one of the world's few "Celebrity Engineers".
  • Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill - authors of The Art of Electronics. I still read this all the time even though electronics has changed plenty since 1987. When I was returning to EE after my consulting career, I wrote them to ask when the AofE third edition was coming. Dr. Hill got back to me with, "We're working on it." . That was 3 years ago.. I'm still waiting.
  • Doug Lea - Oswegan author of the java5 package formerly known as EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent . He gave the best tech lecture I've ever seen - it kept 200 of NYC's geekiest mesmerized for 2 hours in a stuffy conference room at Sun HQ in midtown.
  • Reverend William James - We moved to Harlem two years ago and just happened to rent from Reverend James, who turned out to be one of the best known people in Harlem.  What a guy, and what stories he can tell you.  Spearheaded integration of the Methodist church.  Sent thousands of kids to college. First director of Harlem HUD.  Board of directors of Apollo Theater.  Friend of Dr. MLK Jr.  Probably much more I don't know about... someone should really write a wikipedia entry.


14 Months
1 Year

... under 4km ocean + 35m concrete!
See Week Exp. 320, Week 3 Report