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Williams, A.P., R. Seager, J. Abatzoglou, B.I. Cook, J.E. Smerdon and E.R. Cook, 2015: Contribution of anthropogenic warming to California drought during 2012-2014, Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 6819-6828, doi:10.1002/2015GL064924. [Auxiliary Material]

From Figure 2 in Williams et al. (2015): Maps of JJA PDSIsc and ranking for 2014 and 2012-2014. Rankings are based on all years between 1901-2014 and a ranking of 1 indicates record-breaking drought. PDSIsc in this figure is based on VOSE precipitation and temperature, PRISM humidity, and LDAS wind velocity and insolation (see article for references to datasets). Polygons bound the seven NOAA climate divisions (division numbers shown in (a)).


This website serves as a data portal for the climate, PET and PDSI fields presented and analyzed in the paper listed above. Links to the subdirectories containing the individual fields are provided in the below table (please see Table S1 in the supplemental materials of the paper for more information on the climate datasets used and the underlying references). All data files are provided in Matlab (.mat) format and each dataset is accompanied by an individual readme file that is located in the corresponding directory and provides more background on each file.


Data Files
Monthly Climate Fields
Vapor Pressure
Wind Speed
Anthropogenic Warming Estimate
Montly Potential Evapotranspiration (PET) Fields
All Data Combinations
Temperature Only
Vapor Pressure Only
Wind Speed Only
Insolation Only
Temperature Constant
Anthropogenic Warming Only
Natural Temperature Variability Only
Annualized Summer Self-Calibrated Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSIsc) Fields
All Data Combinations
Precipitation Only
Precipitation and Temperature Only
Temperature Constant
Precipitation and Anthro. Warming Only
Precipitation and Nat. Temp. Variability Only
Metadata and Invariant Surface Parameters
Study Domain Locations
Soil Moisture Holding Capacities
Grid Point Latitude, Longitude and Elevation
Grid Point Insolation Ratios

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