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New LCSN Portable, Four-element Seismic Array

 LCSN has four  dataloggers (RefTek DAS, model RT-130/3) and broadband seismometers (Guralp CMG-40T)
rapid deployment to monitor aftershocks immediately following the significant earthquakes primarily in the
Northeastern United States.  The dataloggers are courtesey of Dr. Jim Gaherty of LDEO.
These portable digital seismographs can be deployed with solar panels and backup batteries.

April, 2007
Won-Young Kim

LCSN acquired four broadband seismometers (Guralp CMG-40T) and four dataloggers (RefTek DAS, model RT72A-07/G/ND). These sensors and recorders will be used primarily for rapid aftershock monitoring immediately following the significant earthquakes and as a portable, continuously deployed seismic array in the Northeastern United States. The array is ready to be deployed in the field since January 2001.
The four-element, portable seismic array consists of broadband sensors (30 sec to 50 Hz flat response to velocity), dataloggers (3-channel, 24-bit A/D with internal GPS clock), GPS antennae and external hard disk drives, auxiliary power supply system (15 AMP-HR @ 12VDC). Each element of the array can be deployed as stand-alone mode of operation for up to 100 days.
Considering the relatively low seismicity in the Northeastern U.S., LCSN plans for continuous deployment (say few months to a year) of the array around particular regions where detailed survey of small earthquakes are necessary to delineate active fault(s), or for acquiring regional as well as teleseismic signals for studies of crust and upper mantle.
We plan to interact with scientists at LDEO as well as people at other colleges and universities, engineering community and emergency management organizations in the northeastern U.S. for various earthquake studies to promote earthquake research in the region.
Visit LCSN web page for list of available equipment for the LCSN Portable Array.
April, 2001
Won-Young Kim

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