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Seismic Array Experiment in Kazakstan,
Joint Seismic Program/IRIS

Kazakstan Broadband Seismographic Network was deployed in the summer of 1994
by scientists and engineers from LDEO, National Nuclear Center of Kazakstan
and Talgar Complex Seismological Expedition, Talgar, Kazakstan under the auspices
of the Joint Seismic Program (JSP) of the IRIS Consortium.

The network consists of eight stations. At each site, three-component, broadband
sensor (STS-2 or CMG-3ESP) and a RefTek DAS unit are installed. Timing is
provided by Omega signal receiver and the nominal sampling rate is 40 samples/sec
and continuous.

The network has been operated jointly by NNC and LDEO. Funding for the project,
"Seismic array experiment in Kazakstan", during FY94/98 has been provided by
the IRIS Consortium/NSF.

In early fall of 1996, in front of Kurchatov Hilton in Kurchartov, Kazakstan

Broadband Stations
Data Acquisition.
Depth of Burial Experiment 1997.
Calibration Experiment in 1998.
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