Collaborative Research: Contribution of Prydz Bay Shelf Water to Antarctic Bottom Water Formation

The field program will be carried out on board of R/V Xuelong during her annual trip to service Chinese Antarctic Stations.

Program Description

Supported by National Science Foundation of United States and Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, scientists from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University (Lamont) and First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) will collaboratively conduct three seasons of physical oceanography surveys in Prydz Bay, Antarctica to investigate the shelf water processes.


    National Science Foundation
    United States of America

    Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administraiton
    State Ocean Administration
    People's Republic of China

Principal Investigators

    Xiaojun Yuan
    Lamont Associate Research Professor
    Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
    The United States

    Libao Gao
    First Institute of Oceanography
    State Ocean Administration
    People's Republic of China

Field Work

Figure 1. Summary of hydrographic surveys by US/Chinese collaborative research in the Prydz Bay region during March 2015. M5 (M1) is the Lamont mooring recovered during the cruise.

Preliminary Results

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