Lamont open house 1 During Lamont open house, an annual public science outreach event, I was part of a team doing an exhibit on the iron availability in the ocean.

Lamont open house 2 We fished out iron from cereals floating in water with magnets. Next to me was Jenny Middleton, a Lamont postdoc.

Goldschmidt 2019 1 Presenting my research on the history of iceberg discharge at the Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Barcelona last year.

Goldschmidt 2019 2 Goldschmidt poster session.

Core slabbing at WHOI Halloween in 2018, where I dressed up as an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, the machine I use to analyze samples. "Thermo" is the brand of the machine, and the light bulb represents the plasma. With me were Athena Nghiem (middle), and Tyler Ellis (right; a research staff).

Core slabbing at WHOI

Core slabbing with my labmate Henry Abrams at WHOI.

Knorr visit

WHOI 2015 summer student fellows (partial) group photo. Floating in the background is the now retired R/V Knorr. It discovered the wreck of the RMS Titanic in 1985.

Argentina field trip

Visiting a volcano in Puna Plateau, Argentina, as a class field trip led by Professor Scott Paterson.

climdyn group celebration

USC climate dynamics group lunch. We celebrated the first papers published by Ph.D students Sylvia and Jianghao.

holiday party

Undergraduates group photo in the 2013 USC Earth Sciences departmental holiday party.