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Jean Kennedy
Tuesday Sept. 19, 2006   The Art

Jean Kennedy worked in Marine Geology and Geophysics at L-DEO for 28 years before taking early retirement in June 2002. Her love for painting began at an early age but she did not pursue this activity until the late 1990’s when she took watercolor lessons at the Rockland Center for the Arts and from Carolyn Pedersen in New City. After moving to Louisiana Jean took lessons from Myrna Waters. Both teachers had studied under Edgar Whitney, a renowned watercolorist. Jean is particularly attracted to watercolor because of the dynamic quality and unpredictability of painting in that medium. She enjoys using color and form as a means of expression.

Jean belongs to the Louisiana Artists Association and Les Artistes du Bayou in Louisiana, and the Lakes Region Art Association in New Hampshire. She has exhibited in both states and has won several awards for her work.


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