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'Meet Adrienne & Beth'


Hi it's us again, Adrienne & Beth! We thought we should get to know each other since we will be spending time on this trip together. We are both geophysicists. 'Geo' is from the Greek word for Earth like geography or geology. Physics is the study of energy and force, or movement through space and time - I bet Harry Potter studied physics at Hogwarts so he could use a port key! A geophysicist studies the Earth using really cool 'tools' like gravity, magnetics, radar, even seismic explosions!

airplane Even better we get to do this flying around in helicopters and airplanes! Read more about these methods and test your skills on our 'tools of the trade' page. Some geophysicists work mainly outdoors studying, measuring and observing the Earth. Others use computers to make Earth models and study data collected by their colleagues. We both like being outdoors in the field collecting data for our projects, but we still know how to analyze the data once we are back from the field. After all collecting the data is only part of the fun! We want to look at the data too so we can learn more about the amazing Earth systems and processes we measured in the field.

We thought the easiest way for you to learn about how we became scientists is by watching these short, but great videos we made! When you finish it will be time to join us on the first step of our exciting journey! By the way in case you were wondering there is no port key travel for us! We go the long way, and I do mean LONG! Check out 'Follow the Overland Traverse' for more on that topic!

Videos created by Adrienne Block & Beth Burton for the Ice Stories Project, (c) The Exploratorium,



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