Nicholas Christie-Blick


Chair, Frontiers of Science
Frontiers of Science integrates modern science into Columbia’s famed Core Curriculum, and since its first full year in 2004-05 the course has been a requirement for every Columbia College undergraduate. I am among those sharing the role of chair for the course (since Fall, 2010).

Industrial Consultant

Seismic and sequence stratigraphy, basin tectonics, Proterozoic basins

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES)


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

P.O. Box 1000, 61 Rt. 9W,

Palisades, NY 10964-8000, USA

Cell: (845) 709-2320

FAX: (845) 365-8150

Landsat false color image of northern Flinders Ranges, Australia, from a height of 750 km. Courtesy Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES). Photo 35709. A recently exhumed late Cambrian fold belt, and some of the most spectacular Neoproterozoic geology on which I have had the good fortune to work. Specific features are identified in the top half of Figure 2 of Christie-Blick et al., 1990, American Journal of Science, v. 290-A, p. 295-332

Sedimentary Geology and Tectonics

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