November 6, 2013: Day 1, Arrival and set up
Panorama of Chinde Point core site
(1) Chinde Point core Panorama during setup: left LacCore tent; center is Ruen drill rig, right is water tank; in background is the Painted Desert (Painted Desert Mb. and Owl Rock Mb., Chinle Fm.) and Pilot Rock (a Neogene maar remnant).
Check out the time lapse video posted for November 15!

(1) The drilling site is located on the floor of an old "road metal" quarry developed in Neogene age Bidahochi Formation basalt on the flanks of a maar. Directly beneath the basalt is Neogene Bidahochi Formation lacustrine and fluvial clastics. The basalt makes an excellent platform for drilling into the sedimentary rocks of the Chinle and Moenkopi formations which are the targets of the coring.

(2) Ruen  Drilling and LacCore staff arrived on site in the morning and set up (3, 4, 6, 7. IDS arrived with the core orientation device shortly therafter and the soilds remover for the drilling fluids (5). The LacCore tent (4) houses the heated space in which the oriented core is curated, and the core metadata is curated and digitally recorded.

To maximimize the ability to recover the magnetic polarity stratiigraphy the core hole has been deviated to 30 from the vertical and 135 azmuthally (3, 7), a concept developed by Dennis Kent (CPCP PI, Rutgers University and LDEO).

By the end of the day the site was almost ready for coring to begin.
Drilling crew arrives
(2) Drilling crew arrives at Chinde Point
Site at end of day
(3) Site near end of day
LacCore, core handling tent
(4) LacCore core handling tent
Setting up solids centrifuge
(5) Setting up the solids removal system
Ruen drill rig raised to 60 from horizontal
(6) Ruen drill rig raised to 60
Ruen drill rig at sunset
(7) Ruen drill rig at sunset
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