November 14, 2013: Day 9, Sonsela Member
Sunrise over site
(1) Dawn peeking out above the Neogene age Bidahochi lavas forming the south wall of the core site. (From CPCP Facebook Link)

Randy and Nicky with core 200
(2) PI Randy Irmis (right) and Nicky Giesler (U of AZ: left) on night shift with core number 200 of Sonsela.
(From CPCP Facebook Link)
Gray mudstone
(3) Gray mudstone at about 800 ft.
(From CPCP Facebook Link)
Begining to log
(4) Pulling the drill string out in preparation for logging.
(Kristina Brady).
We continue to core the Sonsela Member of the Chinle Formation. White sandstone interval was cored that could be the Kelley Forest bed (1). Gray mudstones are common in the finer grained beds of the Sonsela (3). We stopped coring in sandstone we think is likely below theJim Camp Wash Beds of the Sonsela. In the late PM preparation for logging the upper half of the the projected full depth (4).
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