November 15, 2013: Day 10, Logging and Video of Set Up

IDS truck preparing to log
(1) Century Wireline Services* (CWS) truck setting up to log. Cable will go to drill rig and lower logging tools.

Dipmeter example
(2) Example of portion of the dipmeter log from CWS. The first logging run is done at the halfway point in drilling.
sonic example
(3) Example of portion of the sonic log from CWS. The the entire well will be logged after the Permian strata are reached.
Natalia Zacharova
(4) Natalia Zacharova of LDEO-Columbia Borehole Research Group.
(5) Time lapse video of the setting up of the drill rig and initial coring from November 6 and 7, 2013 by Max Schnurrenberger.
* Century Wireline Services is a division of Century Geophysical, LLS (Tulsa, OK)
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