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Typos in the hardback version of the second edition (published 2002) are listed below in three categories of decreasing importance:

First category: wrong on a technical issue (for example, a mistake in an equation, or a wrong symbol in the text)

Second category: wrong names, wrong spellings, and other minor items

Third category: cosmetic items, and other very minor items

Most of these typos were posted within a few months of publication of the second edition. I caught most of them. When the Japanese edition was done in 2004, several additional typos were discovered (my thanks to Koji Uenishi for pointing them out to me), and they are now included below together with a few more that have come in.
Corrections posted here were last modified in December 2007. I reviewed them also in January 2009, and had no additions.

When you see the long lists below, please be charitable! The equals sign (=) appears about 6000 times in the book, and many of the corrections are not associated with an equation. As a grad student in the 1960s I was unforgiving of authors who published mistakes --- but now, decades later, I am more tolerant. I recall sending a message in 1969 to Irene Stegun, reporting a mistake I had found in the magnificent compilation known then and still as "Abramowitz and Stegun" (formally: the Handbook of Mathematical Functions), and receiving from her a gracious note thanking me for finding a new error. Her note came with 25 hard-copy pages, each one listing numerous errors already reported. Following her example, I will be diligent in reporting all errors found to date.

Please send me a report of any typographical mistakes not listed below. I thank those who have already reported mistakes.

In April 2009, a paperback edition was published which corrects these typos. It has corrections also of Figs 6.6 and 6.12.   No doubt I shall have to start a new list.

More interesting corrections and additions (i.e., beyond typos) may be found as links within the main Aki_Richards.html file


First category. These are typos that make the printed text (of the hardback version) wrong on a technical issue (for example, a mistake in an equation, a wrong reference, or a wrong symbol in the text):


page 13, line 1 after (2.1)

"tensor u_i,j" not "tensor u_ij" [from Koji Uenishi]


page 29

equations (2.42) and (2.43): both these equations contain two integrals with respect to time, and in all four cases the variable of integration should be tau, not t


page 29

equation (2.42), remove the right curly bracket, }


page 70

equation (4.22), remove the first minus sign on the right-hand side of this equation [from Fabrizio Bosco, November 2007]


page 73

equation (4.25) should include a 1/r term just prior to X_0, the same as in equation (4.24)


page 108 in (4.86) and in (4.87)

the overdot and overbar appearing with \boldgreek{\nu} should be transferred to \bold{u} in these two equations [from Jean Paul (Pablo) Ampuero, Jan 2006]


page 145

in the denominator for "\acute{P}\acute{S}" (the fourth formula on this page)

"beta_1" not "alpha_2"


page 190, bottom line

"[2 pi^2 (k^2 - omega^2/c^2)]^(-1)", not "[2 pi^2 (k^2 - omega^2/c)^2]^(1)"


page 192

switch the images for Fig. 6.2a and Fig. 6.2b

[as printed, (a) is for z < 0 and (b) is for z > 0; but it should be that (a) is for z > 0 and (b) for z < 0]


page 217, in line 7 of the Figure caption (the main equation on this page)

replace the first square root by parentheses [from Paul Davis, Sept 2005]


page 226, line 13 after equation (6.57b), and also on
page 227, line 4
"beta_1^(-1) sin j_s", not "beta^(-1) sin j_s"


page 226, line 5 from bottom
"p^2)" in the square root should be just "p^2"


page 237, line 1 after equation (6.82)
"beta^2" in the square root should be "beta^{-2}"


page 244, line 13 from bottom

"(6.18)" not "(7.16)" [from Koji Uenishi]


page 247, line 3

"xi_2" not "xi_z" [from Koji Uenishi]


page 258, for the integrand shown in (1), in the exponent, replace x with the value 500 [Jan 2006]


page 326 line 3
"\bold{F}^{-1}_l" not "\bold{F}^{-1}_t" (the subscript "italic t" should be "italic ell")


page 336 Rodrigues' formula

"P_l(x) = 1/(2^l l!) (d^l/dx^l) (x^2 - 1)^2", not P_l(x) = 1/(2^l l! dx^l) (x^2 - 1)^2"


page 345, line 2 after equation (8.29)
"(8.29)", not "(8.28)"


page 346

equation (8.33), insert a minus sign at the front of the (4, 1) element of the 4 x 4 matrix [from Lupei Zhu, June 2007]


page 348, the last four lines

there are two references to "Mendiguren (1973)" : the first, should be to "Mendiguren (1973a)" and the second to "Mendiguren (1973b)" [Jan 2006]


page 389, line 1 after equation (9.4)
"xi_i", not "xi_1"

page 412, Fig. 9.14 caption, line 1

"and \tau as functions of p" not "p" [from Koji Uenishi]


page 428, line 8 after equation (9.48)
"z_k, \bar{z}_k" not "z_k, \bar{z}_1"


page 432, equation (7)
"... + rho omega^2/mu H = ...", not "... + rho omega^2/mu = ..."

page 496 four lines after equation (10.12)
"L \ll \lambda" not "L \ll \gamma"


page 503, equation (10.23)
"[1 - H(...", not "[(1 - H(..."


page 504, the inequalities at the end of the equation after equation (10.24)
"= 0 for 0 < ... > rho_b" may be confusing.
Replace the symbols "0 <" with "rho_b <" and remove
the symbols "> rho_b" at the end of this line


page 504, line 2 from bottom
"phi']", not "phi')]"


page 535, Problem 10.6

switch "P" and "S" in several places --- for details, see the relevant page in the pdf file of replacement text (link, given below)


page 540, equation (11.5)
"g(x) = 0 if x < 0", not "g(x) = 0 if < 0"


page 555.5

replace "on the right-hand side of (11.3)" with "on the right-hand side of (11.32)"


page 562, first set of equations has an incorrect inequality symbol:
"\dot{u} = \dot{v}= 0\qquad\qquad \text{for} r > \text{min}(vt, r_c)"
not "\dot{u} = \dot{v}= 0\qquad\qquad \text{for} r < \text{min}(vt, r_c)"
(replace symbol "<" with symbol ">")

page 609, equation (12.23)
"|f(omega)| = ", not "|f(omega) = "

page 625

second line: replace "omega_s/2 pi = T_s" with "2 pi/omega_s = T_s"


page 676 the two papers by Mendiguren should be listed as

Mendiguren, J. Identification of free oscillation spectral peaks for 1970 July 31, Colombian
deep shock using the excitation criterion. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical
, 33, 281­321, 1973a.
---. High resolution spectroscopy of the Earth's free oscillations, knowing the earthquake
source mechanism. Science, 179, 179­180, 1973b.


click here for a 34-page pdf file (~450 Kb as of December 2007) of replacement text for these main errors


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Second category. Wrong names, wrong spellings, other minor items and clarifications:


Endpaper #2 (that is, inside front cover, on right side), for the definition of geometric spreading: drop the superscript italic P (since this is a generic definition, not specific to P-waves)


page viii and page 302
BOX 7.11 "On horizontal wave functions " change last words to one word "wavefunctions"


page 2
"Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty", not "Comprehensive Test Ban

page 6.9

authors are Telford, Geldart, and Sheriff (delete Keys, who was not an author of the 2nd edition of this book)


page 30

in first line of equation (2.44), replace "summation is retained for repeated subscripts" with "the summation convention is retained for repeated subscripts"


page 115: rewrite the first parenthesized sentence in problem 4.5 to read "(Use the far-field P-wave term in (4.23), given also in (4.24), to get the ray theory approximation for Gij in a homogeneous medium, then discuss how each factor generalizes for an inhomogenous medium.)" Also rewrite the last sentence, inserting words to have it read "A direct proof due to George Backus is given by Richards (1971).]" and add this page (115) to the index for Backus.


page 176, line 2 from the bottom

"(see Fig. 5.7, left)" not "(see Fig. 5.7a)" [from Koji Uenishi]


page 204, Fig.6.9 caption, first line
"complex ray-parameter plane", not "complex ray-parameter"


page 275
the derivative of \bold{f} with respect to z is written three times on this page as a partial derivative, but it would be better to write these all as ordinary derivatives with respect to z (twice in the Box, once at the bottom of the page). So, replace "\frac{\partial \bold{f}}{\partial z}" by
"\frac{d \bold{f}}{dz}" in three places.

page 293.8

Harkrider (1964b), not Harkrider (1964)


page 462 in sub-Figure c

a grey line is missing in the legend (it is the line for 0.5 Hz) [from Koji Uenishi]


page 590.2

Bizzarri, not Bizzani


page 647.4

Harkrider (1964a), not Harkrider (1964)


page 663

Chaisri, S., and E. S. Krebes.
"28045--28054", not "28045--2,054"


page 669.5

The paper by Harkrider now listed as 1964 should be listed as 1964a,
and a new reference is needed immediately following as

\item ---------. Surface waves in multilayered elastic media, I. Rayleigh
and Love waves from buried sources in a multilayered elastic half-space.
\emph{Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America}, \bold{54},
627--679, 1964b.


page 694.3 left



page 687

add page 115 to the list of pages associated with Backus, G. E.


Endpaper #4 (that is, inside the back cover, on right side), near the top, the Herglotz-Wiechert formula:

gives velocity as a function of radius, not depth


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Third category. Cosmetic items, and other items considered to be very minor (unless it's your own name we mis-spelled in the index...)


page v iii

the title of Box 7.11, "horizzontal wavefunctions" not "horizontal wave functions"


page 8
The paper by "Sato, H., and M. C. Fehler" should be listed before
"Scherbaum, F."

"Shearer, P. M.", not "Shearer, P.M."


page 58
Kostrov, B. V., and S. Das. Principles of Earthquake Source Mechanics
(should be capitalized)


page 153
"J. A. Hudson", not "J.A. Hudson"


page 183
"Liu, H.-P., D. L. Anderson", not "Liu, H.-P, D. L. Anderson"

"Tsvankin, I. D.", not "Tsvankin, I.D."


page 186
when citing equations in Problem 5.13:
"for a)", not "for (a)"
"for b)", not "for (b)"

page 210, first line after equation (2)
"body forces,", not "body forces."


page 226, line 4 from bottom
"This is an example", not "This an example"


page 265, line 24 from bottom
"in accuracy is possible", not "in accuracy in possible"


page 292, line 6 after equation (1)
"Crampin (1970, 1971,", not "Crampin (1970, 1971),"


page 292, line 13 after equation (1)
"this type of anisotropy", not "this type of anistropy"


page 302, the title of Box 7.11:

"horizontal wavefunctions" not "horizontal wave functions"


page 320, equation (7.178)
"n" in "q_0n" should be italic. Same on line 5 after equation (7.179)


page 414.6

"Markushevich", not "Markushevitch"


page 420, equation (9.37) and the equation just before that
"c_1^(-1) < p < c_0^(-1)" and "c_0^(-1) > c^(-1) > c_1^(-1)"
The order of inequalities should be consistent for easier assimilation.

Achieve consistency by making the latter inequalities "c_1^(-1) < c^(-1)< c_0^(-1)"


page 424.9

"Markushevich", not "Markushevitch"


page 428.4

"Markushevich", not "Markushevitch"


page 428.8

"Markushevich", not "Markushevitch"


page 429, caption to Figure 9.27

"Markushevich", not "Markushevitch"


page 437, line 1 after equation (9.63)
"lesser", not "lessor"


page 515, equation (10.38)
"[1 + (...)^2]" can be "1 + (...)^2"

page 521, line 2 from bottom
"Burgers" not "Burger's"


page 593
Geubelle, Rice
Rice, Ben-Zion, Kim
"Journal of the Mechanics...", not "Journal of Mechanics..."


page 593.3

the Marone reference, at end of line: a period not a comma


page 622, second line after the Figure

corresponds, not correspond


page 625.2

Figure 12.12, not figure 12.12


page 657
Abercrombie, R., and P. Leary.
"...California: Implications for earthquake scaling"
"...California: implications for earthquake scaling"

Agnew et al.
"EOS,", not "EOS.,"

page 659
second paper by Backus et al.
"phenomenological", not "phenomological"


page 660
"Ben-Menahem, A., and M. N. Toksöz."
"Ben-Menahem, A., and M. N. Toksöz,"

"Ben-Zion, Y., and P. Malin. San Andreas fault zone head waves near
Parkfield, California.",
"Ben-Zion, Y., and P. Malin. San Andreas fault zone head waves near
Parkfield, California,"

"Berckhemer, H. Die Ausdehnung der Bruchfläche im Erdbeben Herd und ihr
Einfluss auf das seismische Wellen Spektrum",
"Berckhemer, H. Die ausdehnung der Bruchfläche im Erdbeben herd und ihr
Einfluss auf das seismische Wellen spektrum." (capitalize German nouns)

Berckhemer, H., and G. Schneider:
"Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America"
"Bulletin of Seismological Society of America"

Biot, M. A.
"Journal of Applied Physics" not "Journal Applied Physics"?


page 661
"Bolt, B. A.", not "Bolt, B.A."

Buland, R. P., and F. Gilbert.
"Ph.D. thesis of R. P. Buland", not "Ph.D. thesis of R.P. Buland"


page 663
under Cerveny, V.
"Seismic Ray Theory.", not "Seismic Ray Theory,"

Chao, B. F., and R. S. Gross. (two places)
"Geophysical Journal International", not "Geophysical Jounral International"

Chapman, C. H.
"Exact and approximated generalized ray theory in vertically inhomogeneous
"Exact and approximated generalized ray theory in vertically inhomgeneous


page 665
de Hoop, A. T.
"Technische Hogeschool" not "Technische Hogeshchool"


page 666
"Dziewonski, A. M. Mapping the lower mantle: Determination of ..."
"Dziewonski, A. M. Mapping the lower mantle: determination of ..."

Dziewonski, A. M., and J. H. Woodhouse.

" seismicity: Centroid-moment tensor"
" seismicity: centroid-moment tensor"

"...large earthquakes of 1981."
"...large earthquakes of 1981,"

Ewing, M., F. Press, and J. L. Worzel.
"Seismological Society of America"
"Seismological Soceity of America"

Farrell, W. E.
"A gyroscopic seismometer: Measurements..."
"A gyroscopic seismometer: measurements..."


page 667
"Frasier, C. W., and D. K. Chowdury."
"Frasier, C. W., and D. K.Chowdury."


page 668
Geller, R., T. Hara, and S. Tsuboi.
"... II. Laterally homogeneous initial model."
"... II. Laterally homogeneous initial model,"

"Gerver, M., and V. Markushevich."
"Gerver, M., and V.Markushevitch."

Gilbert, F., and S. J. Laster.
"Seismological Society of America"
"Seismological Scciety of America"

"Gilbert, F., S. J. Laster, M. M. Backus, and R. Schell."
"Gilbert, F., S. J. Laster, M. M. Backus, and R.Schell."

Gutenberg, B.
"Über die Konstitution ...", not "Über die Konstituion ..."

Gutenberg, B., and C. F. Richter.
"Magnitude and energy of earthquakes"
"Magnitude and energy of eathquakes"


page 669
Haddon, R. A. W.
"EOS, Transactions ...", not "EOS, Tranactions ..."

Hara, T., S. Tsuboi, and R. J. Geller.
"... starting model: Preliminary results.", not "... starting model:
preliminary results."

Harkrider, D. G., and D. L. Anderson.
"... in plane layered Earth models.", not "... in plane layered Earth


page 670
Heaton, T. H.
"... in earthquake rupture.", not "... in earthquake rupture,"

Helmberger, D. V., and D. A. Harkrider.
"Modeling earthquakes with ...", not "Modeling earthquaakes with ..."


page 671
"Hobson, E. W.", not "Hobson, E.W."

Hudson, J. A. (three places)
"Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society"
"Geophysical Journal of the Astronomical Society"

page 673
"Kennett, B. L. N.", not "Kennett, B. L .N."


page 674
Liebfried, G., and H. D. Dietze.
"Zur Theorie ...", not "Zür theorie ..."

Liu, H.-P., D. L. Anderson, and H. Kanamori.
"... Society, 47, 41...", not "... Society, 47 41..."


page 675
"McLeod, D. P., G. E. Stedman..."
"McLeod, D.P., G.E. Stedman..."


page 676
"Menke, W.", not "Menke W."

Müller, G.
"... Geophysical Research, 78,"
"... Geophysical Research,78,"

"Musgrave, M. J. P. Crystal Acoustics."
Musgrave, M. J. P. Crystal Acoustics,"


page 677
Niazy, A.
"... two-dimensional moving dislocation in an elastic half-space..."
"... two-dimentional moving dislocation in an elastic hasf-space..."

"Nowick, A. S., and B. S. Berry. Anelastic Relaxation in Crystalline
"Nowick, A. S., and B. S. Berry. Anelastic Relaxation in Crystalline

"Nussenzveig, H. M.", not "Nussenveig, H. M."

"Parker, R. L. Geophysical Inverse Theory."
"Parker, R. L. Geophysical Inverse Theory,"

"Pekeris, C. L. Theory of Propagation of Explosive Sound in Shallow Water."
"Pekeris, C. L. Theory of propagation of explosive sound in shallow water."


page 678
"Peterson, J.", not "Peterson., J."
"95 pages,", not "95p,"

Press, F., and M. Ewing.
"... 42, 219-228, 1952.", not "... 42, 219-228. 1952."

Rayleigh, J. W. S.
"Proceedings of the Royal Society of London"
"Proceedings of a Royal Society of London"


page 680
Satô, Y.
"... of America, 49, 57-77"
"... of America, 49 57-77"

Savage, J. C.
"... 2608-2617, 1969b."
"... 2608-2617n 1969b."

Scholte, J. G. J.
"... Publ. 102--65," not
"... Publ. 65,"


page 681
Slichter, L. B.
"The theory of the interpretation of ..."
"The theory of the intepretation of ..."


page 682
Stacey, F. D., M. T. Gladwin, B. McKavanagh, A. T. Linde, and L. M. Hastie
"A. T. Linde", not "A.T. Linde"

"Starr, A. T.", not "Starr, A.T."

"Stolt, R. H., and A. B. Weglein.", not "Stolt, R. H., and A .B. Weglein."
"... Geophysics, 50, 2458-2472,", not "... Geophysics, 50,2458-2472,"

Strick, E.
"... II. Theoretical pressure pulse.", not "... II. Theoretical pressure

Su, S. S., and J. Dorman.
"... Seismological Society ...", not "... Seisomological Society ..."


page 683
Takeuchi, H., and N. Kobayashi.
"... Society of Japan, Series...", not "... Society of Japan Series..."

Titchmarsh, E. C.
"The Theory of Functions, 2nd. ed."
The Theory of Functions 2nd. ed.

Verweij, M. D., and A. T. de Hoop.
"... Cagniard method.", not "... Cagniard method,"


page 684
Wiechert, E.
"Bestimmung des Weges...", not "Bestimmung des weges..."

Wielandt, E., and G. Streckeisen.
"... seismometer: Design ..."
"... seismometer: design ..."


page 685
"Zhao, L., and F. A. Dahlen."
"Zhao, L. and F. A. Dahlen."

Zöllner, F.
"Kräfte.", not "Krafte."


page 688
"Bromwich, T. J. I'A.", not "Bromwich, T. J. I. 'A."

"Burgers vector", not "Burger's vector"

"Bouchon, M." not "Bouchon, M. A." [from Koji Uenishi]


page 689
"Chander, R.", not "Changer, R." and, combine this page 479 reference with previous Chander reference to page 652

"Chouet, L. B.,", not "Chouet, L. B,"

"Chowdury, D. K.", not "Choudury, D. K.", and comes after "Chouet, L. B."

"Cocco, M.", not "Cosso, M.", and comes after "Clebsch-Gordon coefficients"

"Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty", not "Comprehensive Test Ban

"DeMets, C.", not "Demets, C."


page 690
"Dmowska, R.", not "Dmoska, R."


page 691
following "Frénet formulas", insert ", 99"


page 692
"Haddon, R. A. W.", not "Haddon, R. A., W."


page 693
"LaCoste, L. C.", not "Lacoste, L. C."


page 694
"Mendiguren, J.", not "Mendigurin, J."

"Minakami, T.", not "Minakami, T"


page 695
"Nussenzveig, H. M.", not "Nussensveig, H. M."

"Phinney, R. A.", not "Phinney, R., A."

"Poisson, S. D.", not "Poisson, S.D."


page 697
"Schultz, M. H.", not "Schultz, M. J."


page 698
"Takeuchi, H.", not "Takeuchi, N."


page 699
"van der Hilst, R. D.", not "Van Der Hilst, R. D."

"vedenskaya" of "Vvedenskaya, A. V." should be in small capitals.

"Weyl integral", not "Wehl integral"


page 700
"Young, G. B., 136
Young, T., 3"
not Young, G. B., 3, 136


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