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Glacial Earthquakes


Glacial earthquakes are a newly discovered class of seismic events. Most of these events occur along the coasts of Greenland, where large outlet glaciers reach the ocean. Glacial earthquakes show a strong seasonality, with most events occurring during the late summer. The rate of glacial-earthquake occurrence increased between 2000 and 2005. Recent observations establish a strong correlation between the seismic signals of glacial earthquakes and large ice calving events in which icebergs of cubic-kilometer scale collapse against the face of the glacier. A sudden change in glacier speed results from these glacial-earthquake calving events. Glacial earthquakes also occur in Antarctica but are less well studied. They exhibit several characteristics similar to glacial earthquakes in Greenland.

Glacial Earthquakes Recorded on GLISN Stations

Glacial Earthquake at station ANGG 2013-08-08 06:49 Glacial Earthquake at station ANGG 2012-04-09 10:11 Glacial Earthquake at station ILULI 2013-06-21 06:30

Calving Earthquake Mechanism

Calving earthquake