Day in the Life of the Hudson River Other Additional Real-Time Data

Additional Hudson River Sources for Real-Time Data:

Our data is excellent for a quick snapshot look at the Hudson River System but there are other resources that sample the Hudson on a more consistent basis, in some cases 24 hrs/7 days a week. Check out these resources.

Data Source & Url


HRECOS - Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observation System -

Click on Current Conditions to choose sites and parameters and create graphs.

HRECOS real time sondes measure at sites in the brackish and freshwater sections of the river.  You can graph 2 parameters at one time at one station OR the same parameter at 2 stations.  You can display data in 15 minute increments or on a daily basis (averaged) and you can chose to see a range of data.  Data can be downloaded for use in excel.  Some of the sondes in the system have been retired – these are labeled, however there is still archived data available at the station for use.

Mobile Stations on the river as part of the HRECOS and the Stevens Institute system

There are two mobile sondes as part of the HRECOS system: (1) Clearwater   operates from various locations on the Hudson (2) Pioneer operates out of Southstreet Seaport. Ship tracks can be selected showing the track, time, water temperature, oxygen and salinity.  Tracks can be  run at various speeds. Check how salinity, temperature, oxygen etc. vary with time and location.

GW Bridge & Castle Point and other stations from The Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology

This set of stations shows modeled data not actual real time readings. Archived data from these stations are available on the HRECOS site for the months that these stations were collecting real time data.

Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries – River and Estuary Observatory Network (REON)

While many of these sites are on the Hudson River the Dennings Point site at ~ RM 60 on the Hudson River is perhaps the most robust of this system.  It can provide a realtime look at many of the same   parameters included in the HRECOS system