High Schools & 'Day in the Life of the Hudson River'

Day in the Life has a core group of high school samplers who contribute to the strength of our program. These are student groups that carefully follow the established protocols, record their data with accuracy and precision, return their data in a timely manner to be included in activities and datasets, and plan to work with the data that is collected through the program.

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Suggested Resources for our High School participants

Using Data in the Classroom
Why Use Day in the Life Data in your Classroom
Data Activities: Working With Hudson River Ecological Conditions Obersving System (HRECOS)
Other Hudson River Sources for Real-Time Data
Other Sources for Real-Time Data that can be examined for a comparison



Professor Steve Schimmrich, SUNY Ulster

Fossil Classification
Brief Geologic History
Geologic Timescale
Simplified Geologic Timescale
Hudson River
Local Stratigraphy
Newark Rift
New York City Geology
New York State Geologic Map
Plate Tectonics
Catskill Art


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(Activities provided in pdf format - If free downloadable software for viewing is needed please click on the adobe icon)