Day in the Life of the Hudson River Other Additional Real-Time Data

Other Sources for Real-Time Data that can be examined for a comparison:

Data Source & Url


NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) tide gauge at the Battery, New York City                                             

The Battery tide guage has been in operation for over 100 years In the Products column, click on Preliminary Water Level to see graph. You can also click on Sea Level trends to see Sea Level here since 1850.

NOAA data buoy 44065 in the Atlantic Ocean at the entrance to New York Harbor

Scroll down the page to view or graph conditions.

US Geological Survey Hudson River gages (Albany, Poughkeepsie, links to others)

The home of the prior ‘salt front’ site this resource is now a source for stream gages, and archived data.

Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing System

A series of water quality sampling stations in Long Island Sound that collect a   comparable array of data to what we collect in HRECOS.   Select a station (Western   Sound station is useful as it is close to the East River), click on Water Quality Panel to see the readings in numbers and dials. Recent history shows hourly readings through time

Great Lakes Website

Interesting to look at oxygen levels at depth in the Great Lakes.

          West Point National Atmospheric Deposition Program Site





West Point trends through time link for NADP site – 

pH plot is shows the impact of our air emissions standards and the effect of limiting coal fire plants